40 more days of summer - so time to get those summer projects done!

September 22nd brings the first day of fall this year which means we only have 40 more days of summer to get all of our "summer projects" done.  I had quite a summer project "to do list" this year that I have been tackling head on as best I can.  As usual, things keep getting added to the list as they crop up.  This, of course, only delays my progress on the main list items that have been there for weeks.

I have the next major project all set up and ready to go in the basement which begins this week and extends into next week.  I am in the middle of another project out at Lake Ahquabi to get the trails all ready for The Mullet Fall Classic race in October as best I can so that once the academic school year starts the majority of work will have already been completed.  That effort, as usual, is being slightly thwarted by my hands going numb from all of the tool use - be it carpal tunnel or whatever.  Speaking of things that crop up and get added to the list...

Yesterday involved one of those examples as I spent 6 hours holding the Craftsman weed eater and tackling a big section of trail for trimming at Banner Pits (Summerset State Park).  That day of work was a result of me noticing some routine trimming maintenance needed to be done after I rode a pair of laps at Banner on Sunday morning with a group...


By the way, that is Brian Pottorff's deer sausage and veggies that he made for us post ride for our Sunday lunch.  Thanks Brian - it was very yummy!

Back to my numb hands.  It took about 1/2 hour this morning to get feeling back in my right hand after I awakened at 5:30.  It's the worst it has felt this season from the work, but is in line with how it has felt other years when I do a lot of trailwork back to back.  I did 3 days last week, and will do 3 days this week before taking a break to allow the feeling to come back into my hands and arms.  Today and tomorrow I am out at Lake Ahquabi camping and doing trail work.  Bob Matthews will join me tomorrow to knock out one section we have been talking about doing.

Another big project on the homefront is to do a garage cleaning/organization.  Way too much stuff has piled up and is in the way.  Next week, I take Alexa to the University of Iowa to move in for her freshman year and then I have two faculty workshop/meeting days as we gear up for the start of the fall semester.  So this week and next are "get it done" days for me in terms of projects.

On a side note, our friend Beth Coffey who was on Team Simpson for RAGBRAI got hit by a car here in Indiaonla on Sunday while out on a bike ride.  The driver was a 17 year old driver who moved over to the oncoming side of the street as he passed a parked car and Beth got clipped when he moved over into her oncoming lane.  She broke her collarbone, got some contusions on the right side and is pretty banged up.  We are making dinner for her family on Thursday and taking it over, so I think I'll smoke a chicken for them and Tara will make the sides.  I'm going to take her bike that got beat up as well and see what needs to be done to fix it.  Be careful out there riding....

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