Recovery Week before RAGBRAI...

I am so busy this week that it is hard for me to imagine this is a scheduled recovery week cycling wise for me before heading out on RAGBRAI this Saturday morning with Team Simpson.  But it is and I am trying to fit in everything I need to fit in during the day from my errand list, teaching at summer music camp, chores around the house, research on the fall operas, and not doing a very good job of getting everything done.

I was sure to do my maitenance weight lifting on Monday because last week I was not able to do any weights with the knee and upper body pain from the fall at Seven Oaks.  I cannot do a push-up yet due to the right chest/shoulder area, but I could do curls and light overhead work.  Not sure what is torn or bruised, but it has a ways to go.  At the end of the camp's teaching day on Tuesday, I sang a mini-program, along with my colleague Virginia Croskery, for the students at 5:15.  Following that 20 minute concert, I went home to suit up for a 75 minute recovery ride on the road bike.  It was still 90 degrees and a bit muggy outside when I headed out, but it actually felt good once I got going.  I had to temper myself to keep the speed and effort held back in recovery effort because the legs and lungs felt so good.  Odd to think that at this point in the cycling season, a 75 minute ride barely even feels like a warm-up compared to how that same ride felt back in January and February.

I also had flipped the stem back to negative and made a saddle aft adjustment on my Roubaix bike last Thursday based on how I felt during and after the 72 mile ride last week.


I felt if I was more stretched out and lower on the bike, I would achieve better comfort on my saddle contact area for the longer duration rides.  I was too upright on last week's 40 and 72 miler, and the adjustment back feels really good.  Getting a few rides in with the new adjustment is required to adapt.  Actually, it's not "new".  I had only flipped the stem positive and done a fore adjustment on the saddle recently thinking I needed a more "touring" upright posture for RAGBRAI and to mount the handlebar bag.  I was wrong.  Point well taken.  So the "adaption" is just back to how the bike has been most of the spring and summer.

I am still debating if I really need a handlebar bag for RAGBRAI.  I can fit everything I need in my saddle bag and I don't really need to bring all that stuff with me.  However, I do enjoy being able to stare down at the map, dig in for whatever I've brought along (phone, snacks, bike lock, wallet, rain poncho), and then there is that time in towns where we dismount and walk around forcing me to carry it around like a man purse...

Make Our Garden Grow

We have entered a period that the weather forecasters are calling a "flash drought".  This is about week 3 of it and we have had little to no rain.  Combined with the hotter temperatures, the grass is starting to turn brown, and does not need to be mowed this week.  It has halted growth for the first time this season, but maybe a welcome relief during my recovery week.  Zack is just about done with his DMMO job, so he can take over the mowing again. 

We have been watering the garden to keep things alive and most of it is doing really well.  As usual, our bell peppers suck!  We should just toss in the towel with our annual attempts at growing peppers in Iowa.  I don't know if it us, are garden plot location, of the climate here.  Out of 6 plants, we've only produced 4 peppers this year!!!  The beans, snap peas and zucchinis are being harvested and eaten on a daily basis.  We can hardly keep up with the picking.  Can you say Zucchini Bread?  ;-)

Tara harvesting some goodies last night for dinner....


Laughing at a pathetic looking small zucchini...


This one is much better...


I grilled the fresh garden vegetables on Monday night using my new father's day grill basket on the Big Green Egg and they were very delicious.  Tara stir fried last night's batch with some pine nuts and olive oil.  Tonight we will do an Asian version of stir fry with our crop.  The tomatoes are looking fabulous and we are going to have a bumper crop this year for our canning.  Some of them should be ripening on the vine as we get back from our RAGBRAI trip.  The night that RAGBRAI overnights in Des Moines, we will come home and sleep in our own bed as well as tend to the garden.

Now....to tackle my research, errands, chores, and the day's camp lessons....

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