Overhaul Friday...

Today began with great intentions of attacking some items on my "to do list".  Trimming the lilac bushes, weeding the garden as well as around some plants, and finding out what was making my Niner JET 9 squeak.

What is "overhaul Friday"?

I finished the first items by mid-morning and then put the JET on the workstand to have at it.  The race in Red Wing had covered the bike in mud which led to a thorough cleaning with soap and water last week.  The result was a squawking, squeaking bike.  Step one was to see if it was the pivot points of the full suspension frame.  Nope, they were fine.  The second step was the more obvious place to look - the bottom bracket/crank area.  So I took the crank arms off of the bike, removed the bottom bracket and cleaned everything up.  I took the chain and cassette off to soak in diesel fuel for a good cleaning, and while I was at it with the bike in the stand, I replaced the pulleys of the rear derailleur with 2 new ones I had picked up at Rassy's for this particular X0 derailleur.

I greased the bottom bracket shell, installed the bottom bracket, put the arms back on, cleaned and dried the cassette and chain and got everything installed.  I checked the alignment and fine tuned the shifting so everything was crisp, aired up the RP23 shock to get the right amount of sag and hopped on the bike to see if it still squeaked.  Pay dirt!  No more noise, squeaks or squawks.  Shifting was flawless and the JET is back to normal and ready for Sunday's race at Boone.

I cleaned up the garage, washed my hands and dived into a lunch of Mexican soup and some flat bread to soak it up.

Holiday Week

I picked up the ladies from the airport and didn't realize that they had such a long layover in Helsinki (15 hours), that they left the airport and checked into a hotel for the night.   So they were not as tired as I thought they would be with the long layover.  They were jet lagged and wiped out to be sure, but not as bad as I thought they would be.

Tara did get a nice ride in along the Danube River while in Vienna with one of her best friends.  We used to ride along there all the time, so she had a blast doing it again.  They took the train to Melk and rode along the Danube with stops in Spitz, Dürnstein, and ended up in Krems.

Here are photos from that ride a few days ago.

Tara with the Danube (Donau) behind her...


At a stop in Spitz where she and Renee chatted away with a couple of other riders they met at the table that were out riding a longer segment of the route...


Another watering hole stop...


And of course, being the most famous vineyard section of Austria, the ride ended with wine tasting of the local Riesling and Grüner Veltliner...


Needless to say, Tara was itching to get on the bike as soon as we got home.  So we rode to Carlisle and back on the "less scenic than Austria" Summerset Trail.

We didn't really have huge plans for a 4th celebration due to their jet lag, but we did join our friends (the usual 6 couples) for a wonderful evening just northeast of town at their country property.  Sangria's with appetizers started the evening, followed by kebobs, tabouli, kale salad, grilled veggies, wine, cake with home-made ice cream and some apperitifs at the end.  The weather was perfect and we were sitting outside dining on Mark's new patio with the outdoor fireplace he installed.  The fire was mesmerizing and being out in the country, we could see all of the stars and the fireworks from several neighboring towns going on all around us.  Fun was had by all and it was a perfect evening and way to celebrate the 4th.

We will attend the Des Moines Metro Opera's performance of Peter Grimes this evening to round out our "to do list Friday".  Saturday promises a trip to the farmer's market in Des Moines, another bike ride for RAGRAI training in the heat (going to be 90), and attending Romeo and Juliet in the evening with one of our good friends.

It's nice to have the ladies home and back to a more normal routine.

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