White Handlebar Monday!!!

The debate raged in my head all weekend what to do about my dirty white handlebars.  Dirty?  Clean?  Or dump the white tape?

Tara and I decided to tackle a good portion of the new Raccoon River Valley Trail on Sunday.  We couldn't have picked a more awful day weather wise.  Howling winds from the south, temperatures in the low 60's, cloudy, and for the most part - we were rained on or sprinkled on the entire journey.  My riding gloves got soaking wet and the coloring on the leather palms got all over the white handlebar tape making it a given something had to be done. 

Finally, after reading plenty of posts on the internet with suggestions from cleaning them, to throwing them in the garbage can and switching to black, this YouTube video put me at ease with a plan...

Lemon Pledge or blue Dawn dishwashing detergent.  That sounded easy enough.

A man with a plan...

I was waiting around all day for the deck to dry so it could be stained, but due to thick fog and mist all morning, it needs to dry out all afternoon in hopes that tomorrow is a better chance.

So the handlebar project took over.  I bought some blue Dawn this morning, went at it with a white wash cloth and the soapy water to get this result...


I gave the entire bike a wash while I was at it to get nearly 3 months of road grime off.


It turned out pretty well and if this means a good bar wash once a month, or once every two months - then so be it.  It's hard for me to imagine what other color to go with for this particular bike with the white saddle.  Lizard Skins has the dual color where I could go red or black on the top flats up to the hoods, then the drops would be white.  For now, the tape is still good and I will clean it every now and then to keep the grunge at bay.


Today begins week #11 of my build, race, and peak.  Hovering at 183 and looking to dip a bit this week going into this weekend's race.  Maintenance weight lifting is all that is on the menu for today's workout.  I might mow the lawn or do some trimming later.

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