Minnesota bound again...

This time it is not to the airport, but for the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series.  It's a race weekend.  The one tomorrow is in Red Wing, Minnesota and promises to be muddy thanks to all of the thunderstorms the past 72 hours and those that are coming in the next 24 hours.

I dry brushed the dry mud off what had built up during the Ponca race from the JET 9 yesterday out in the sunshine.  That's always a good time to inspect the bike for any damage once you get all the mud off and can view things closely.  Low and behold, I saw a cracked upper pulley wheel on the rear derailleur!!!  So I am repairing that this morning from a pulley wheel off of an older bent derailleur that is compatible.

I am also going to mount up the Maxxis Beaver tires on the Crest rim wheelset to bring along in case the mud is "that kind of mud" requiring tires that are diggers and shedders for traction.  The races in Minnesota and Wisconsin are always rain or shine events, so the race will happen.  So I want to have the right gear with me so I can make a choice.

I used them in Minnesota a couple of years ago when they had a rain filled summer.  Seems to be that way again this summer....

Great Hawk Power Grind Corner

I will also have an opportunity to stop back in at a couple of the camping supply stores to continue my research on the best RAGBRAI/Camping purchases.  Being practical, I want to make sure we purchase gear we can use outside of RAGBRAI.

I really enjoyed the opening night of Des Moines Metro Opera's 41st season last night.  You can't go wrong with Shakespeare's story of Romeo and Juliet.  I had a nice visit with Mark and Cathy Larsen over dinner at Napoli's before the opera.  I look forward to seeing it again in July along with Peter Grimes and Elektra.

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