It seems like spooning water out of the ocean with a teaspoon at times, but a lot of my free time this summer is going towards snipping away at the growth out at Lake Ahquabi (and soon to be Banner Pits) with my Loppers.

My life looks like this for about 4 hours every day when I can get out there...


I've been doing the lopping solo thus far, but hope to get some additional folks doing some work as well.  I am using non gas or electric powered tools due to the DNR rules.  You need a permit for powered tools as there is always a fire and safety issue.  At least that's what we found out after we did unauthorized chainsaw work without a permit.  Now, if I had a gas powered hedge trimmer or bush saw - I would get a permit from the ranger in a heartbeat to keep my hands from going numb.

Lop, lop, snip, snip...


Growth at Lake Ahquabi in a normal year, is very abundant and requires about 2 full trims (one in spring and one later in the summer/fall) to keep it open.  This is a non-typical year in that we are about 10 inches of rain beyond "normal" at this point in the season.  That has ignited the forest into hyper-growth mode.  So much so, that this year may require 3 - 4 full trimmings to keep it at bay by the time we get to October.

Here's Tara going through a wide section that you can see the honeysuckle starting to grow in and cover the trail and the edges...

Keeping up with the wife

Here's Paul Varnum and one of the DNR workers as we were clearing trail for The Mullet a few years ago.  Typical spring/summer growth.

Paul Varnum Watching the DNR saw

I have been trimming back as far as I can to account for the reality that the canopy will grow in rather quickly.  The DNR has a new hedge clipper coming in mid-July which will help in maintenance.  Using the loppers causes issues with my hands, wrists, arms, neck, and back, but it's got to be done.  Banner Pits is next and about 1/2 mile of trail has been trimmed there, but there are another 5 miles or so to go.  Ahquabi is a little more than 1/2 done now and I'm heading out today as well.  My hands will be numb as a result of doing 2 days in a row.

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