Happy 18th was well celebrated!!!

Yesterday was my daughter's 18th birthday.  And what a fine young woman she has grown into during the process.  She is intelligent, opinionated, attractive, talented, and has really come into her own.  In fact, she has "felt" and "acted" 18 for quite some time.  Now it's official.  New driver's license.  A mission and goal for her college years (University of Iowa majoring in International Business and French).  She seems settled and grounded.

Of course, she had to wear a gag Princess crown as we had cake last night...


We started the day with me taking her to breakfast at La Mie in Des Moines.   The weather was perfect, so we sat outside on the terrace and ate our goodies and visited.  We stopped by TrueValue so I could pick up a new grill cover for the Big Green Egg, and then headed home as I had an afternoon of voice lessons to teach, and a 1 hour training ride with my taper intervals to do before dinner.

Alexa wanted to go to Miyabi 9 for her birthday dinner, so 4 of us enjoyed Sushi.  Tara had made a 4 layer red velvet cake from scratch for the evening's dessert.  So we headed home for the lighting of the official 18 candles, a full out singing of Happy Birthday and dove into the delicious cake with ice cream and a glass of Sekt each.

Tara and I noticed that she was the most poised and settled this year of all birthday celebrations.  She is comfortable just being herself and that is exciting to see (those of you who have raised children and remember the teenage years understand what I'm trying to say).

Stuck Bunny Rabbit

We discovered one of the baby (or middle sized now) bunny rabbits that live in our backyard had fallen into the basement window well.  So Alexa and I tried to get it out of there.  I climbed down to pick it up, but it had dug a hole that goes under the metal window well and I couldn't get it.  So I put a long board in there in hopes it could climb out.  But it was too steep and the bunny kept slipping.  Alexa fed it some apple which he/she chowed down.  It was trying to jump out and we were amazed it could jump nearly 4 feet.  So we put a box in the window well assuming that this creature would figure out to jump on the box, and then jump up and out to safety.  No such luck.  Bad assumption as these creatures are not quite at that level of thought.  I think I will try again today now that it is getting tired and exhausted.  Maybe it will let me pick it up.  Otherwise, we will open up the basement window, take the screen out and see if we can get it to hop in a box in the basement to take it back outside and release it.

The prognosis is not good as other rabbits have perished in our window wells.  Why and how they fall in there remains a question since the lip is tall enough they would have to actually hop up and over to get in the well.

Ponca State Park Racing

On tap for Saturday is the Psycowpath XC Race at Ponca State Park just west of Sioux City, Iowa.  The weather forecast looks like severe thunderstorms tonight and early tomorrow morning, but nice and sunny for the race itself.  I am debating driving up this afternoon and camping overnight.  I'm not too thrilled about being in a tent during a severe storm, so I might sleep in the back of my Element on the cot if do decide to head up this evening.  Or I can just drive up in the morning since it starts at noon and is what I have always done when doing this race.

Weekend - commence!!!

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