Had to drain the tank today....!

We enjoyed our first meal last night at the new restaurant where our daughter works, Napoli's.  I ate one of those meals I would classify as "all white".  White pasta.  White bread.  White wine.  White chicken.  And least there were sun dried tomatoes and a red sauce, but it was way too much white (processed carbs) to be considered a healthy meal that I need to be eating.  Next time we go there, I will be much more selective.  In spite of that, the restaurant is nice for Indianola.  It was full and hopping with the Friday night dinner crowd.  We met the owner and he is pleased with Alexa's hard work.  He's 1/2 Albanian and 1/2 Italian and has been in the states for 7 years working hard.  So he appreciates good hard work by his staff.  We had a nice visit with him.  Although Tara wanted me to stop for ice cream on the way home, I said we didn't need it. 

What to do about all those whites I ate? 

Burn 'em off ASAP, of course!!!

Today's scheduled ride of 60 minutes turned into a "let's drain the tank" ride of 2+ hours.  Breakfast and the French Open Women's Final in bed included a very small bowl of cereal, two cups of coffee, and a palm full of dried fruit and nuts.  After Serena won, I got suited up and took off with only a water bottle.  No Heed, no GU, no energy anything.  My goal was to drain the tank and empty those whites out of me.  The drain started to hit right at the 90 minute mark after pushing pretty high Zone 2 and  Zone 3 out in the wind.  Once the drain was underway at 90 minutes, I backed off ot a steady Zone 2 to bring it home feeling satisfied I had burned what I needed to burn for weight management.  Finished the ride and ate a healthy recovery lunch to restore the glycogen stores properly.

I had wanted to race at the Seven Oaks mountain bike race today (choice of 9 hours; 6 hours; or 3 hours), but I am being selective this year where and when I race as I learned last year that trying to do them all is not a wise strategy.  I've got a couple of key races coming up and could use the weekend off of racing.  The Zone 2 stuff today and tomorrow will give me plenty of TSS and still allow me to taper into what is coming up.  Rather than do the Seven Oaks race, we are headed over to a pool party and dinner at the Hades.  Weather doesn't look to good for the rest of the afternoon as a storm is approaching from the west and should hit (with lightening) about the time we were supposed to jump in the pool.  Looks to be headed towards Seven Oaks as well.

The deck was stripped yesterday and will be stained on Monday.  I meant to do this 2 years ago, but after the tornado hit - many other things took priority.

Here's how terrible it looked after being neglected for 2 years (actually this is the 3rd year of neglect)...


Pretty ugly and getting to the point where the wood needed some restoration with a good power wash and acid wash.

Stripped down and drying for the weekend (rain won't help that!!!)...



Monday and Tuesday both look fine for it to dry if it rains today/tomorrow and be able to take the stain.  It needs a little bit of sanding in spots as well and I am replacing some screws this afternoon before the storm hits so it is all snug and ship shape for the staining.  The good news is that we caught it in time before any rot set in and once stained and sealed, it should be in good shape for another few years before doing it all over again.

Ah, the pleasures of wooden deck maintenance.....

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