2013 halfway point and hours on the bike report...

Since I will be attending a race somewhere this weekend (Omaha, Burnsville, or Eau Claire - who knows which one?), I thought I would take a middle of the year look at what has been and what is to come for me in terms of my annual training plan with June ending on Sunday.

I laid out my annual plan in this post back in January.  I was shooting for a 10% increase from my 2012 hours of 355.55 hours on the bike.  Target was for 392 hours rounded up to around 400 hours in an effort not to increase the number too much based on everything I had read.  Accounting for the 12 week base plan, followed by the 12 week build, peak, and race plan - I adjusted my annual hours to around 420 which is a bit more than suggested coming in at around 18% more if I complete all of them compared to 2012.  So be it.

In addition to the increase in hours, the physical toll of mowing the lawn twice a week and doing hours of trail mainteance are things that were not as required of me last year due to the drought.  So I will say phyiscally, this year is quite a bit more demanding when you add it all together.  And I am lifting weights this year which I had to skip last year after my endo in the Tranquility race.  Suffice it to say that getting out of bed on many days in the week, I feel my age along with the creaks, aches and pains of being active in your 50's.  Yet I have more energy and feel like I am in better overall shape this year than a year ago.  I have failed, thus far, to make it to my goal of being sub-180 pounds with my body seemingly settling in and hovering in the 182-184 range.  Waist is indeed thinner, but what I have lost there has been replaced with muscle weight in the upper body from the lifting.  I still feel that if I was a bit more diligent, I could hit that sub 180 goal during the 2nd half of the summer.  It remains a task I would like to accomplish.

Before riding my bike during the final 3 days of June (which will mark the halway point), I currently have 226 hours on the bike under my belt for 2013.  Looks like I will end around 230 for the first half of the year after this weekend is accounted for in the annual hours.

A lot of those hours included some long rides during the base period than the rest of the season calls for in my training plan.  I won't have quite as many hours during the 2nd half of 2013 - that's for sure.  RAGBRAI will be a big hour week and skew things a bit, but the amount of hours on the bike between XC races is not that much as I am sort of on a mid-season maintenance program as of this week.  I've done 7 races to date this year and this weekend will make it 8.  I have plans to do just about that many more between now and the end of the season which is pushing it as my goal was to cut back on the number of races this year by quite a bit.

That's more or less the halfway point report of my annual hours.  More or less a post for myself to be able to journal and refer to in the future.

The Tour de France 100th running begins Saturday.  Tune in if you enjoy watching the premiere cycling event.  It's a good way to see the French countryside, and listen to commentary on professional road racing. 

Have a great weekend! 

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