Zone 5! May Day! May Day! Another new bike in the house...!!!

It's May Day!!!

Monday was maintenance weight lifting day which I skipped in lieu of napping and doing some general errands.

I did run up to Rasmussen Bike Shop in Des Moines with Tara after work to take part of the Specialized bike sale that still has a few models marked down.  She came home with a nice Ruby size 51cm road bike.  She has been wanting a road bike for quite some time to use on our bike trail rides on the Summerset Trail, Great Western Trail and others in Central Iowa.  Not to mention, a road bike for the upcoming RAGBRAI we are doing on Team Simpson.  The evening was not complete before we met the kids at the Cheesecake Factory (of course I had a salad from their SkinnyLicious® Menu) to dine and visit.

My camera left the country at 7:30 this morning for Spain with my son Zack, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to punt for a couple of weeks when it comes to photography.  Maybe I'll borrow my wife's or daughter's phone to snap some shots, but for today....


The Ruby is the female version of the Roubaix and is a carbon frame with the Zertz inserts and relaxed fit to make it the endurance bike for longer rides and rougher surfaces.  A big shout out to Sterline Heise at Rasmussen Bike Shop!  He is the man and took great care of my wife and I to get her fit on a new bike.  We now own 3 Specialized road bikes purchased at Rasmussen and I know we'll be back in the future as they have won our business with their excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Tuesday was the Zone 5 workout on the schedule and I opted to do it outside on the Niner RIP 9 mountain bike at Lake Ahquabi to see what the trail was like after all the work that has been going on by the DNR and their contractors.  Knowing that we have umpteen days in a row of rain, snow and moisture hitting starting tomorrow, I wanted to get in some dry dirt while I could and enjoy the 80-84 degree temperatures.  So I headed out to Lake Ahquabi.

I warmed up for 25 minutes doing the race loop and was very pleasantly surprised with the completed work on the culvert area at the base of the Whitley Monument and the far west side of the lake.  They had big equipment in there reconstructing the lake shore, and to do so they had to widen the trail and put some rocks down.  The equipment is gone and the work is completed.  The sections they did this on are actually - IMO - now improved, faster and will be just fine once all the ruts the machinery left have worked themselves out (might involve some trail work days for me with my shovel).

Climbing from the lake and up into the back woods on the north side I launched into my first set of intervals.  Once I got over to the east side of the campground, my breathing was difficult as a controlled burn was underway and things were smoldering as the DNR burned the undergrowth in the forest on the east side.  I powered through, hacking and coughing when I needed to cough and hack.  On the 2nd lap, I did my 2nd set of Zone 5 intervals and my legs felt the strongest they have all year.  Yippie!!! Progress as the build progresses...

After 90 minutes and not wanting to stop riding because everything felt so good and the weather was nice, I forced myself to load up and head into town as I was meeting Alexa for lunch after her waitress training session at Napoli's.  We hit up Funaro's for turkey sandwiches and stopped at the new Bake Shop for a cookie.

I went home and cleaned up our 2 recumbents (Burley Koosah and Baccheta Giro) to get them ready to sell.  We enjoyed them for a number of years, but moved on to the road bikes and mountain bikes for all of our riding.  I was actually sweating as things felt summer like in the garage.   What?  Could it be?  Short lived as we'll be dropping from the 80's to the 30's in the next 48 hours.  Oy!!!

Auction block - here we come....



I took a bit of a nap after that and was awakened by 2 ladies ringing the doorbell.  They were out canvassing for my vote on the new proposed Casino in Warren County.  Tara arrived home from work and we suited up to give her new Ruby its maiden voyage.  Off we went to Banner Lakes for a loop of the State Park and then we had to face a strong headwind all the way back to Indianola.  She needs a bit of time to get used to the SRAM Apex shifting, but liked the bike overall a great deal.  We rolled in after 90 minutes of mainly Zone 2 riding and made a huge salad and baked some bread.  I felt good logging in 3 hours of bike time and not feeling spent at the end of the day.

Wednesday is a scheduled maintenance weight lifting day and a recovery spin.  I believe the weather will alter the weekend's racing schedule.  The rescheduled Psycowpath Tranquility Park race is supposed to be on Saturday and IMBCS #2 at Camp Ingawanis near Waverly is scheduled for Sunday.  If I end up doing one of them - great.  The forecast does not look promising, but we shall see.  The opening race of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series  was scheduled for Sunday at Buck Hill in Burnsville.  However that was postponed due to winter lasting longer than normal and rescheduled for June 30th.  The Minnesota race was originally my targeted race for the weekend based on some goals and the map of laying out my season.

It appears all of those well laid out plans are shot to oblivion with all the weather causing some reschedules, so I'll just see where all the dust settles and pick and choose alternatives when and where I can.  On paper it was all organized so well.........before the rain and cold hit.  There will be more rescheduled races throughout the season as well.  I was planning on doing far less this year and all of them were timed out well with enough recovery between, but I see weather will be a factor.

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