Rohloff Chainguide Success!!!

After researching what chainguide would work best with my RIP 1 x 9 and the particular chainline of having to run the Rotor Q Ring 34T on the outer ring of an XT triple crank, it looked like the Roholff German technology would be the ticket.

The guide arrived in the mail today and I figured out the puzzle of assembling it this morning and went out to the garage to mount it up.  It took one spacer less than the instruction manual said I would need based on the measured chainline, but c'est la vie.  Or rather so ist das Leben since we are speaking about a German product here.

I weighed the contraption in the current state (before I decide if I do any machining a la Jeff Jones) and came up with 66g.  Not bad.  I could possibly machine off about 20-25g of that if I had a drill press.

I did the micro-adjustment to get it so the chain neither rubbed in the large rear cog or the small rear cog, tightened up the bolts and gave it a test out on the street.  PURRRRRRFECT.

There were concerns that the cable stop for the front derailleur would be in the way on the RIP 9 frame, but the chain guide fits perfectly on the seat tube just below the cable stop for the 34T Rotor Q Ring.  If the ring were larger, the chain guide would have to go above the cable stop.  Looks like a 36 or 38T would require that, but the 34T is snug and handsome under the cable stop on the RIP.  Sweet....

Here's a pair of photographs I shot on my old Samsung flip phone...



Talk about a lousy camera and fuzzy, out of focus photography!!!  Like I said, my digital camera is in Spain with Zack and will be coming home next week.  Now you know why I don't take photographs with my old flip phone.

Monday - I hit the basement gym to work on the lower body with weights, and followed up with 90 minuutes of Iowa gravel riding on the Roubaix for recovery on the bike following Sunday's race.  We went to Alexa's conference track meet at East and her Sprint Medley relay won conference champs, but the 4 x 100 had an illegal baton pass and was disqualified (not Alexa's exchange luckily).

Tuesday - I started out with correct intentions of a scheduled recovery ride, but ended up doing a massive interval uphill against the wind for reasons unbeknownst to me.  Fail on the recovery ride aspect of it as I fell into the trap of trying to chase down a roadie.  My bad.  Stick to plan and ignore all others, right?  When I got home from the ride, I mowed the lawn to take advantage of the dry warmth before rain hit on Wednesday/Thursday.  I was physically cooked by the end of the day before we went to senior/parent night for the Girl's Track Meet where we were to appear with Alexa down on the field where they honored the seniors and their parents.

Wednesday - Took the day off due to my crazy interval yesterday (and the mowing) as I taught lessons and had a rehearsal for a funeral.  Installed the Rohloff instead before going to work.

We will be going to the district track meet at Johnston Thursday night to watch Alexa run.  Alexa will be running the 100 meter dash, 4 x 200, 4 x 100, and Sprint Medley.  Hopefully she will qualify for the state track meet at Drake next weekend in at least one or more of those events. 

Update on my satisfaction with the Specialized Roubaix....

This bike has now been ridden for 6 weeks on the majority of my training rides.  It is such a compliant, comfortable frame that I have no complaints.  The tires that are 25mm wide are good on pavement, but also great on gravel!!  I did experiment with the stem in terms of flip and flop, but settled on the stem flipped positive for a little more of comfort road ride which has been just what I wanted and needed.  I also have raised the seat a bit from this photo to dial in my preferred position.


I never thought I would have so much fun on a "road bike", but this critter is a great machine.  First of all, it fits like a glove.  It handles well, absorbs the bumps and with the more relaxed geometry is a pain free experience whether I am doing 1, 2, 3, 4 or more hours.  I am equally comfortable in the drops, on the flats, or on the hoods with the way I have it set up.  It is stable, stiff and has me coming back for more day after day.  The real test will be RAGBRAI in terms of endurance and duration for miles/hours, but that's a lot of time on any kind of a bike to be totally pain free.  Specialized's new 2013 upgrade to this frame is a home run in my estimation and I couldn't be happier.  I'm not sure I should even call it a road bike it is so comfortable and compliant. 

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