Rohloff Chain Guide (clearer shots) and my camera has returned from Spain!

Zack arrived home last night from Spain and seemed to have enjoyed the trip (although he had been up for about 2 days and was tuckered out).  So, too, did my camera arrive home.  I guess the good news is that US Cellular has caved in and will be adding the iPhone to their phone options for customers sometime this summer.  I might have to nibble at that and upgrade from the old flip phone...

Here are some clearer shots of the Rohloff chain guide on the RIP 9...



Full shot of the RIP 9 with the Renegade 2.3's front and rear...


The bike is 27.27 pounds as pictured.

Having spent the fall/winter doing a lot of singlespeeding and clearing all the climbs in a much tougher gear than the granny on this RIP, I'm content to leave it as is.

In an effort to making it a bit more XC race worthy with a high cadence bail out gear, I could see the value of getting a larger rear granny cog.  Several ways to skin that cat.  It could be accomplished via a 11-36T rear 9 speed cassette; adding a single granny cog like a 38T or a 41 Tooth cog and removing the 11T cog to the current configuration; or the most expensive path via upgrading to 10 speed or 11 speed.  The  Rotor Q Ring will work with 9, 10, or 11 speed - so that's fine.  Right now, I'll just enjoy it as it is, but keep my options open if I want to widen the granny gearing range. 

Mother's Day worked out fine here.  Alexa and I arranged something we thought Tara would really enjoy.  We decided to have Tara and I ride to Mullets from Martensdale on the Great Western Trail and Alexa would drive to Mullets, get a table for us and be waiting with flowers and a card.  Of course, I had to sort of give it away to Tara what we were doing.  I told her to suit up in layers since it was only about 50 degress as we were riding to Mullets for Mother's Day Lunch.  I had not planned on the wind being out of the north, so it was a cold windy ride all the way to Mullets and Tara shared her disdain for the lack of warm weather (which we are all sick of at this point).  Of course, tomorrow's forecast of it being in the 90's will immediately have everyone complaining it is too hot.

We got to Mullets about 1:20, had a wonderful lunch and the flowers were beautiful.  All the waitresses stopped by to admire the arrangement Alexa had picked out.  Zack called from the Chicago airport when they landed from Spain to wish Tara a happy mothers' day and it all worked out perfectly.  After lunch,  we loaded Tara's bike into the back of Alexa's car and they headed off to the mall for some Mom's Day Shopping.  I got on my bike and rode back to Martensdale (it took 20 minutes less time thanks to a tailwind) and got home in time to watch Tiger Woods earn another win.

Today - mowing, trimming, weeding, garden work and weights.  I want to get all of that done before the hot weather arrives tomorrow.

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