It's been a very busy week since my last post.  I got the house ready for our visiting family guests.  Then we spent 3 days at the Iowa High School State Track Meet to watch Alexa run in her 4 events held at the Drake Stadium, spent the weekend attending Indianola High School Graduation parties, tilled up and planted our garden, and attended my daughter's graduation from Indianola High School on Sunday.

I must say, it is a bit of a milestone as you attend the last high school event your youngest child will participate in before moving on with life.  We didn't seem too saddened about it as no tears flowed, but we certainly considered and weighed the pivotal moment that it is.  Maybe it just hasn't hit us yet.  Who knows?  It feels right if that is the correct way to voice it.

Tara managed to snap a shot of Alexa as the seniors processed into the new Field House (thank you Casey Blake for funding the building of the Field House!!!) in Indianola.  It's an excellent brand new facility which worked well for the inaugural graduation with the class of 2013 getting to take advantage of the new facility.  No longer will IHS have to use the Simpson facilities to hold their graduation.

Congratulations to Alexa on her graduation from high school!


Alexa seems to be happy this moment has arrived and is looking forward to college this fall.  She wasn't tearing up or weepy and almost seemed relieved.  She will be attending the University of Iowa to major in international business and French.  I know the day we take her to Iowa and drop her off will be a huge milestone for us.  I can guarantee tears from me.  '-)

She was all smiles holding her diploma after it was all over...


Alexa wanted to go to the Japanese restaurant Appare in Urbandale for her post graduation dinner.  So we drove up in two cars and had the group party platter before heading back to Indianola to attend more graduation parties.  In the middle of one party we were attending down the street, an announcement was made by the host that bad weather was just about to hit and everyone needed to seek shelter.  The party dispersed and we made it home before the 1st night of severe storms (including tornado activity) hit Iowa for the 2013 storm season.

After the worst of the storm had blown over and the tornado watches and warmings were over, Alexa then boarded the bus at the high school around 9:30 pm to attend "Project Graduation".  She said she had a lot of fun at the party.  After only a few hours of sleep, her Aunt Becky treated her to a spa on Monday in Des Moines.  I think the combination of the State Track Meet taking all of her year end focus, landing a new summer job, graduation, the post graduation party and the spa on Monday all added to the mix to make her final high school days a very pleasant and joyous experience.

On Monday afternoon while everyone was out of the house, my father fell in our kitchen and banged up his face and knee.  I got called out of a faculty meeting to go home and Tara had just arrived before me and managed to get him off the floor to tend to his wounds.  His eyeglasses cut up his face from the fall and he was bleeding.  After that was cleaned up, we put ice on his knee and face to take the swelling down.  He had fallen asleep while seated at our high top kitchen table watching TV and fell out of the tall chair onto the wooden floor while asleep.   Not suprisingly, after an event like that, he was tuckered out and fell asleep on our couch where he slept for a good hour or more.  He's going to be okay, but will be stiff today and tomorrow.

We made pizza for dinner while we settled in for a 2nd night of severe storms and headed to the basement as the winds moved through our area at 8:40 last night.  Tis the season and Oklahoma got hit hard with either a massive F4 or F5 that caused severe damage and death.  Thoughts and prayers to all those in Oklahoma that suffered losses.


I have managed to sneak in most of my training rides the past 5 days, but did miss my scheduled weekend ride on Saturday with the track meet, family visiting, cooking, attending graduation parties, etc... .   I even managed to hook up with Al Boone, Bob Matthews, and Kevin (from Winterset) on Thursday night to do trail work out at Lake Ahquabi.  Al brought his chainsaw and we did one full loop to hit all of the felled trees (about dozen) and clear most of the face slappers. 

I did a short 60 minute, but high intesnisty ride on Sunday with Zack.  We pretty much raced most of the way and he schooled me on the final sprint to home with his massive legs and power going up the hill.  He's been riding the exericise bike all year long to stay in shape and this was only his 3rd or 4th ride outside on his Allez for the year due to weather, school and the trip to Spain.  No matter - he blew the dust off and was sailing as we kept it in Zone 4 the entire way and went full out the final 5 minutes.  It pretty much qualified as a race effort in my book.

I skipped Monday's weights due to everything else going on, but should get back on schedule with than on Wednesday.  Thankfully, Zack mowed the lawn Monday evening and finished just as the storm hit.  So that chore is out of the way and should be good until Thursday when it will need mowing again with all of the rain we are getting.

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