Memorial Day Weekend: the spring that wasn't continues...!

This will be a bit of a photo dump with a dose of eclectic subject matters about who knows what today?

Cold Spring

I actually had to wear my winter ski hat and gloves this morning for the dog walk due to temperatures being so cold with the wind chill.  Where the heck is or was spring this year?  We had a few days here and there that were nice, but the rest reminds me of the year without a spring in Vienna that we survived one year in the 90's when we lived there.  Spring was totally absent one year making it a very depressing transition from winter to summer.  Gray and cold until June.  That's what this year in Iowa reminds me of for 2013.

Oh well, summer will be here in a few weeks with a little bit of luck...

We did get some nice color out of the little crab apple tree in the front yard.


Tara posed with Zoey in the background the other morning before going off to work and I took the photo.  With the cool temperatures and thunderstorms this week, the color is now all gone.  Short lived for sure, but vivid while we had it.  The lilacs are next.

Prepping for the Weekend and Diving Right Into Memorial Day Weekend

I mowed on Friday, did a lot of trimming, garden work, cut back some of our hedges, and took on some of the bushes that were growing out of shape and too close to the house since it is going to be raining for about a week.  I had to get it done before the storms and what looks to be a week long run of biblical rains.

I also rode 2 laps at Lake Ahquabi on Friday and snapped a lot of branches in an effort to get the canopy in shape for Memorial Weekend hikers and bikers.  I really need to get out and lop things back a good 2 feet it is growing so fast.  Maybe this coming week....

We attended the year end IHS Track Awards banquet on Friday night and Alexa came away with lots of goodies, trophies and awards.  She headed off to Lake Okoboji for the weekend with her friend Emma for boating and fun.  Somehow, I doubt the cold temperatures and bad weather will make the boating and water as much fun as they had hoped to have.  Such is spring this year...

Tara and I attended the annual Des Moines Metro Opera Apprentice Artists "Death By Aria" concert in the lobby of Blank Performing Arts Center on Saturday night after a quick dinner at La Casa.  We had a nice time listening to the 40 apprentice artists for the 2013 season sing their party pieces.  Zack is working for DMMO this summer on the house staff and has been busy making runs to the airport and train station to pick up the staff and artists.  He's also in the chorus for Romeo and Juliet which is fun if you know the story of Tara and I meeting in the chorus of Romeo and Juliet here with the Des Moines Metro Opera in Indianola during the summer of 1986.  What goes around, comes around - n'est-ce pas?

Memorial Weekend BBQ

I was up at 4 am this morning to load the brisket on the Big Green Egg for smoking.  It's a 7 pounder....


It should take 11 hours on the smoker, plus 4-6 wrapped in foil and newspaper in the cooler after that.  A 4 pound pastrami is going on at 11 am today and 2 chickens at 1 pm.  We have 12 eating dinner with us tonight for Memorial Day Weekend.  Mark, Lynn, Deb, Joel, John, Tina, Chuck, Gayla, Nancy, and Hugh will join us for a fun party tonight.  We'll have to eat inside since it is so cool and more thunderstorms are due this evening.

The Ladies on Graduation Day

Here's a snapshot of Tara and Alexa on graduation day in our living room...


Weekend Riding

In spite of the heavy rains we have had (about 2 inches yesterday), I am heading out to do a couple of laps at Lake Ahquabi after I load the pastrami in the Egg.  It will be a bit muddy/tacky, but c'est la vie.  I need to ride the hills and get some dirt time.  And besides, I like to play in the mud....  I don't even have to ask Mom for permission to do that!  ;-)

Update on the 7 pound brikset and 4 pound pastrami (2 chickens are now on the Egg)...


Looking good!

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