Industry Nine wheels to carbon rims?

Could my next wheel upgrade be converting my old I9 Enduro 29"er wheels with the old Flow rims to the Light Bicycle AM carbon rims?


It's possible and under consideration due to my Flows being pretty beat up from all these years and what appears to be an improper dishing in the rear wheel that needs attention.  The I9's are currently residing on my Karate Monkey as SS wheels.  It sounds like I could just use the same spokes and convert the wheels to have the Light Bicycle carbon rims according to a post I read at MTBR.com...

 I've re-built multiple sets of I9/Flow wheels with the LB rims with very good results. No mods nescessary to the rims, it's a reasonably sung fit but that's not a bad thing. I9's are incredibly easy to lace up and really no harder to tension than conventional wheels so the price to re-build should be the same as for any other wheelset. Because these rims are quite a bit stiffer than the Flows I was able to comfortably bring them up to slightly higher tension and that was helped by a tip I got from the guys at I9 to use bolied linseed oil to lubricate the spoke threads. I'd previously been using copper anti seize but I was getting some binding and spoke wind up at higher tension whereas the linseed oil seems to eliminate much of this problem - WayDownSouth on MTBR.com message boards 

Nice tip on the boiled linseed oil passed on from WayDownSouth from the I9 guys themselves.

Here is the result from another MTBR.com member's rim swap on his I9 Enduro wheels...



I had my I9s re-laced from the Flow rims to the Light-bicycle rims. I am happy with the results so far. The Flows and light-bike rims have a 2-3mm ERD difference, I was able to reuse my existing spokes. - tnrider

Not a high priority item on my list of "to do" items, but I've been thinking about a rebuild with new spokes and the new Flow rims for quite some time, but have been holding off due to the expense.  I might be able to do it with the carbon rims and eek out with the same spokes according to the above.  This would open up another great set of wheels for swapping around on my bikes as the I9 front hub has end caps for 15mm TA and 9mm QR.

Work and Riding

What was supposed to be 2 days of work (Monday and Tuesday) has now turned into 3 days of "academic year end work" with a music faculty meeting after lunch to take on "assessment".  YAWN!

Looks like this week is more of a maintenance and recovery week.  Lots of Zone 2 miles have been prescribed and the weather has turned a bit cold again where I need to layer up for rides.  A trip to the Apple store is due later this afternoon to get Alexa all set up for college...

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