94 degrees on Tuesday was screaming for Zack and I to head out for our first 18 holes together after a spring that wouldn't allow it.  Zack had been to the driving range a couple of times and I think even played 9 holes at some point, but I hadn't touched a club since last season.

We both got our morning workouts in on the bike.  He hopped on the exercise bike in the basement to keep cool, and I headed out to Lake Ahquabi to use the hills for my interval training.

I took the RIP 9 wiht the Renegade 2.3's and the 1 x 9 drivetrain.  The grass still had dew on it, but the dirt was fine with the usual mud spots still there.  What slowed me down was a bit of a surprise.  Nearly a dozen trees are down and across the trail as enough moisture has fallen and wind to knock the trees out of the soft soil conditions.  It's been too muddy for the DNR to get back in the trails with their equipment - not to mention their limited staff is relegated to mowing grass at the moment.  I'll head out Thursday with Al Boone with his chainsaw to hit the felled trees.

After we both showered and got suited up in our golf duds, we decided to play at Deer Run here in Indianola since we knew there would not be a line at the starting tee box and we could play on our own for our first round knowing we would be hacking it up.  In other words, we wouldn't have to yell FORE at all of our errant shots since the course would be empty on a week day.  Sure enough, our opening drives were not things of beauty.  Two duck hooks and other woes to work the kinks out.  The wind was howling making going against it difficult, but it sure was fun hitting with it for massive drives!!!  It was a typical first round of the season.  Lots of bogeys and double bogeys, and I think I only had 4 pars on the day.  In other words, I was in the 90's which fits for the 1st round of the year.  It's always hard for me, knowing the scores I used to shoot when I put a lot of time into keeping my game in tip top shape.  I also know how much work that takes and I'm not willing to do it, so I simply enjoy playing without practice at this point in my life.  And being out their with my son is a bonus.

The final hole we had our best drives of the day.  I roped mine straight down the middle for about 275 yards and felt pretty confident that in the round of 18 holes, I had found my swing again and was ready for the season.  Zack stands up and smacks a massive hit with his driver to land on the green for a 315 yard drive and a putt at an eagle on the par 4.  That was humbling since I put everything I had into mine, but his massive strength from smacking home runs in baseball transfers to how far he can hit the golf ball.  He just needs some lessons and guidance - especially on his short game.  We headed home where I promptly showed my age and took an hour nap.

Today is a recovery ride on the road bike, some lower body weights and then I head into the office to teach lessons for the afternoon.   State Track Meet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for Alexa.  Followed by graduation on Sunday.  Lots of house cleaning to go in the next 48 hours to get ready....

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