Track Meet Record and now we are off to the Drake Relays...

A bit of excitement in the family last night and again today for the speedster in the house.  Alexa is on the Indianola High School girl's track team.  Most of the meets have been canceled this spring due to cold and wet weather.  So all track teams are sort of suffering this spring as a result.  However, last night's non-conference meet was not canceled as weather was nice for a change (the one earlier in the week that was supposed to be in Marshalltown was canceled).  Alexa ran the 100 meter dash for the first time since 8th grade and she not only won, but set a new meet record for that event!

Alexa owned that event in middle school with lots of wins and a couple of 2nd place finishes.  The last time she ran it was at the middle school state track meet in Ankeny as an 8th grader.  She got 2nd place in the finals that year in the 100 meter dash.  That summer, she unfortunately dislocated her knee playing in the neighborhood and her track days were over with rehab and her decision to move to soccer and cross country running.  This year, her senior year, she decided to go out for track again now that the leg has fully healed.  They have had her running the 200 meter, a bunch of relays - but no 100 meter solo where she was so good years ago.  I've been biting my tongue not to beg the coach to give her a chance to run it.  However, I'm not a helicopter parent and haven't spoken with the coach at all.  I'm just not that type.  The good news, based on her performance in practice, is she got to run it last night and BINGO - meet record and a win!!!  And her 4 x 100 team won as well!!!  Double BINGO!!!  I'm secretly hoping she gets to run it a few more times this season, but we shall see...

Today, she runs the first leg for her team of the 4 x 100 at the Drake Relays

She ran 4 events on that track 2 weeks ago at a high school/college meet and did very well (ran 3 segments of 200 meter on relays and the 4 x 100 where Alexa was really strong for her portion with a good time and baton pass).  So we are excited to attend and hope that she recovers from last night's meet to give it her best tonight.  The 4 x 100 is scheduled for 5:15 and she'll be running in the 7th heat.  Tara and I have tickets and will be sitting right in front of the portion of track where she runs her 100 meter segment.  Whatever happens, we're proud of her dedication this year to getting fast again


Wednesday early morning hours allowed me to stop howling at the moon and I actually slept 9 hours on Wednesday night.  This was partially due to a good weight lifting session in the evening where the ante was upped on the dead lifts and lunges.  My body needed the rest after two nights of poor sleep with the full moon, poor eating, Tuesday's Zone 5 intervals and the weights.  I didn't do my full hour of recovery spin earlier in the day as I was just too tired.  I did the two 20 minute dog walks on my bike spinning in an easy gear, but that was all.

Thursday was a scheduled Zone 4 Interval day and I did it out on the road bike.  I did 2 x 15 minutes and then 1 x 20 minutes with the rest of the ride being Zone 1 for a 2:10 total workout time ride.  I felt pretty good during and afterwards as my form is coming into shape.   My problem is that I find myself overeating this week.  Pizza on Sunday night, BBQ on Monday, left over BBQ on Tuesday/Wednesday, and Mexican on Thursday.  That's a bad diet and way off my Mediterranean focus.  This has set me back at least a week - if not more - on my weight loss goal.  Needless to say, I am turning that around today and should quickly be back on track for the two long rides this weekend.  I hope to end the week at a net-net zero gain/zero loss week if I'm lucky. 

Friday (today) is a recovery spin and some core work before heading off to watch Alexa run at the Drake Relays.

Good luck to all the Trans-Iowa Nutz who gather this evening in Grinnell for their gravel road adventure race this weekend.  And all the best for the event organizer - Guitar Ted - for a smooth running event that looks to be blessed with hero dirt and hero weather this year according to the forecast.

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