The Sun does shine and the Son does shine...

After 16 days of dreary, cloudy weather in April and only 3 days of sun - today has the sun out and shining again to help remove our gray depression.  And it's scheduled to shine again tomorrow!  It's just what we need, especially after all the rain and the flooding that is going on at the moment.  Summerset State Park is flooded and the river is scheduled to crest at 7 pm tonight, many highways south of us are closed, sump pumps are working in full force, the costume shop at Simpson got flooded yesterday, and I've heard of several basements in town that succumbed to the rain (we actually ended up getting more than 4.5 inches in Indianola - much more just south of us).

Banner flooding (photo courtesy of Bob Matthews)...


And our son, Zack, shone last night at the studio recital.  He sang very well and gave excellent performances of Après un rêve by Fauré, Luke Havergal by John Duke, Die Taubenpost by Schubert and the Count's Aria - Hai gia vinta la causa - from Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart.  Proud parents and sister watched as he showed the growth of the past year in his delivery.  I was very pleased with all of my students with their recital presentations this past week, but it's hard not to be very proud of one's own son.  ;-)  I will upload the video this weekend of him for anyone interested in viewing.

Edit:     Here is the link to Zack's presentation.

I made it back to 182 and change weight wise, and remain on target for dropping my goal pound this week.  However, I don't know if I will achieve the weight loss this week due to it being a rest and recovery week.  Today's workout is only a 30 minute recovery spin and some core work tonight, so that's not much caloric burn.  The Psycowpath Tranquility Tire Tantrum race that was scheduled for tomorrow in Omaha has been postponed and rescheduled for May 4th due to the biblical rains, snow and muddy conditions.  So I can't count on the 2 hours of intense riding to burn the calories.  Instead, I will revert to my scheduled training Saturday and Sunday rides which are more low key to round out the rest and recovery week.  Then I will launch into a heavy build week on Monday which always helps me with weight loss.  So I may just have to be content with this week being stagnant at 182 pounds and be happy that I end the week not having gained any weight from the lower exercise load and intake of food I have been enjoying as my body recovers.

Who knows, though?  If I maintain my willpower today and tomorrow...


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