Whew!  It's here.

Friday is always a welcome day in the training week because it involves just a 30 minute recovery spin in the morning and after work, some core exercises.  My body welcomed the arrival of Friday this week with open arms.  My body even enjoyed a full 10 hours of sleep last night which it obviously needed!!! 

Weight loss goal remains on track...

I weighed in at 182.8 this morning.  That's the first time I've gone sub 183 this year!!!  There is still plenty of extra - "extra" in the mid-section to chisel away to get down to my 178 target (and beyond).  So I remain on task hoping to get to target one by mid-May.

Winter or Spring?

That is the question.  Alexa's track meet was cancelled yesterday due to the temperatures being in the 30's with winds stirring up an even lower wind chill factor.  Rapid City got about 20 inches of snow this week and northwest Iowa got hit with snow, ice and winds that the news reported took down a lot of trees and powerlines.  We had plenty of rain the past 4 days, but today and tomorrow promises to be dry with the sun emerging to help dry things out before rain hits again later on Sunday.  The weekend weather looks like the Sylvan Island Stampede is set to go.  Ditto for those heading south to Kansas for the Bone Bender.

Assessment/Review/Survey Monkey rant...

I hope it is just a bad trend that is going to end soon.  I can't tell you how tired I am of assessing things, filling out surveys, being asked to fill out a monkey or interview on the phone a customer satisfaction response.  Damn!  It's gotten way beyond ridiculous!!!! 

I stay at a motel overnight and my email box is bombed for days with pleads that I fill out a satisfaction survey on exactly how my 8 hour stay - which involved a shower, some shut eye, and maybe 30 minutes of watching the news and a cup of coffee in their facility - went.  I eat at a restaurant and I'm asked to rate the food, the service, the decor, and the experience.  I get my oil changed and sure enough - the survey monkeys knock at the door, get in my mail box, ring my phone - all asking me to rate my experience.  Tell them how they did.  Assess their performance.  Help them out to do it better.  I take a flight on Delta and my email is hit up with requests to rate my experience.  Do they really want to know what it is like to sit in a way too small economy seat that they purposely turned into a sardine like environment in their quest to have more seats on the plane so they could make more money stuffing as many sardines in the can?  They aren't going to change their room for sardines in the flying cans no matter how many of us tell them the room we are alloted in economy class totally sucks in their little Delta Survey Monkey.  Please!  Save the email and save a survey monkey.  Better yet - toss all the Delta Administration into economy seats and have them fly over to Germany and back.  Assess it yourself and get back to me when you've done that.  I guess you now know what I think of the new seating in Delta? 

I buy an article of clothing at a store and the follow up calls and surveys ask me to rate the shopping 'experience' as if it was some glorified human interaction that took place which actually has signifianct importance in my life.  If I don't answer any of them, they send more emails informing me that they noticed I hadn't taken the time to do it yet.  Really?  They noticed?  I finally picked up the phone yesterday after about the 33rd call from somebody reading off a prepared speech to talk me into spending 7 minutes on the phone with her to rate and assess my health insurance company.  I told her "no thanks, I couldn't AFFORD 7 minutes out of my day to help them with their assessment because I was too busy assessing other things that were higher up on the list".  She said she'd call back at a more convenient time.  I said there would never be such a thing and not to bother.  She said she would call back later.   Geez.  I wish I could assess that conversation!!!  

I am asked at work to assess myself, to assess my students, to be assessed by my students, to be assessed by my peers and by the administration.  We are asked to assess our teaching, our program, our competition, our work environment, etc... .  We have all become assessment junkies wandering around with no purpose but to rate and assess everything.

How much assessment could an assessmentchuck assess, if an assessmentchuck could chuck assessment?

What I want to know is if a human being actually took the time to follow through with every assessment we are asked to assess, how much time do we waste on a daily basis, a weekly basis, a monthly basis, and an annual basis filling out survey monkeys, answering questions, and in general - wasting our time with assessment?  It's a trend that has to end as it is hampering our production.

Now.  Let's see how many surveys, emails, phone calls, junk mail, etc....I get today involving assessement.  I guarantee you I will get quite a few...

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