School year is DONE, Full Moon, and Zone 5 Intervals turn me inside out...

Tuesday April 23 - along with our lovely Spring temperatures in the 30's and barely over 40 - was just about my final day for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Well, more or less my final day.  The music faculty had recital and performance degree auditions as well as voice juries on Tuesday.  Today is an all college faculty and staff meeting.  Thursday I've got to stage a couple of students for a scene from Dido and Aeneas and The Ballad of Baby Doe for a concert coming up this weekend.  Thursday night we are attending South Pacific at the Indianola High School.

Friday we go to the Drake Relays to watch Alexa run and then rush right over to sing at a 25th Year of Service Celebration.  Saturday is Simpson graduation along with a trail work day at Summerset State Park.

Zack leaves for Spain on Monday (I think it is Monday) for the Madrigal Singers May Term trip, so we have to get him all packed and ready.  There are more faculty meetings before the end of May Term.  I will still be doing some lessons (about once a week), but for the most part - things have wound down for a bit.  I'll submit my grades tomorrow and do a year end inventory of things I need to do yet in the office and do some recruitment work.

I am going to attack my "to do list" and attend to 3 major projects for the May to August time frame.  More on those later. 

Full Moon Strikes My Sleep Pattern 

I am not one to sleep well at all in and around the full moon cycle.  Never have.  Never will.  The past 2 nights have had me up howling at it (3:30 am this morning) and tomorrow is the actual full moon for this cycle in April.

I'm sure I will howl for another night or two....


Bike Training

Monday was a maintenance weight lifting session.  I upped the ante with the amount of weight I did for the squats and bench press.  At least enough to be a bit sore the following day.  I also spent the hours of 10 am to 6:30 pm dilligently smoking ribs, brisket and chicken along with cleaning the house and getting things set up for my voice studio year end party BBQ.   They all came over at 6:30 for the meal with fun and fellowship to follow for a few hours as everyone blew off some steam.  I was exhausted by the end of it all and doing the final clean up before going to bed was the last straw before collapsing in bed.  It's always worth it though...

Tuesday's training session was an hour on the C7i exercise bike for a Zone 5 Interval work out.  I felt like this guy going into it thanks to Monday's festivities....


Two sets of 3 x 3 minutes with 3 minutes recovery between intervals and 5 minutes of recovery between sets.  I jacked it up and varied the cadence and power level to make it as "mountain biking specific" as I could.  One's pedal revolution cadence changes often on a mountain bike as does the power level, so trying to recreate that on the trainer in the basement was fun.  Not to mention, it kept me involved and interested through the pain as I knocked out the hour on the C7i watching the power meter and heart rate spike up and down throughout the work out.   I was pretty spent and glad to climb off the bike when the 60 minutes were up.  Then I showered and was off to work to enjoy some nice singing and playing.

The weather forecast is for temperatures to climb out of this morning's 20's (it's 29 as I type this) and head into the 30's and 40's right into the 50's, 60's and even up to 75 this weekend which will certainly pull us out of this cold snap.  It will also help spring things to life as all the buds and blossoms can come to life.

Just in time for May - how about that?

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