Rest & Recovery Week!

The first two weeks of the build phase in my training is now complete (which also included the first two XC races of the season).  Today begins a recovery week for me which will be welcomed and much appreciated to allow my body to catch up to the training stress I've been throwing at it.  There is a Psycowpath race scheduled for Saturday (Tranquility), but weather looks ugly for the week including snow, so we shall see how that develops and if the course is ready on Saturday.

This is the final week of classes at Simpson for the Spring 2013 semester (insert Handel's Hallelujah chorus from Messiah here).  Next week are final exams and graduation on Saturday morning before we launch into our May Term. 

I have a Studio Recital for 5 of my students tonight, and 7 more students will sing their programs on Thursday night.

Race Report from yesterday is coming once I get through today's crazy and busy schedule.

In the meantime, it looks like snow is headed our way today to put yet another smile on our faces.  ;-(


Certainly nothing compared to what hit the Dakotas, but April 15th and winter will just not get out of here.  Oy!!

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