Readying the Ark!!!

The past 24 hours has been one of those near epic rains of biblical proportions along with the prerequisite thunder and lightening.  We've had a few of those epics since we've lived here the past 10 years to say the least.  Many have readyied their Arks due to flooding in various areas of southern Iowa.  Several highways are closed just south of us due to flooding.  The epic rains are usually a  4", 5", 6" or 7" rain within 24 hours and many speak of them as being a "once in every 50 or even 100 years".  But we've had too many of those in the past 8 years to call it such a rare occurence.  It's more normal now.  Looks like we got about 3" + yesterday in Indianola and the sump pumps are in full roar handling the load.  Not quite a full Ark alert yet, but getting pretty close to it.  I slept well last night knowing that the sump pumps are working.

Rain is still falling today and the snow that hit the west is moving through Nebraska right now and may come our way.  Needless to say, things are wet, green and when it all dries out - mowing will ensue and I've got to get the garden tilled so we can plant.  We were already tilled last year on April 10th and leaves were on the bushes...


The plot was ripe and ready for planting in 2012 by this time.

Plot is Finished

That was nice for last year.  But this year, as of yet, there is no green on any of the bushes yet, but the grass has been greening up and seems to be bouncing back from last summer's drought.  A day or two of sunshine and warmer temperatures should really explode the buds and get some leaves emerging.

Speaking of 2012 weather compared to 2013, we were already dining outside by April 2nd last year in 80 degree temperatures.

Tara is HUNGRY!,

No such luck this year as the forecast looks like we will be keeping the heat on this week and next (if not longer).  The garden may not get in the ground until May, but talk about being spoiled by last year's early arrival of Spring!!!  We are still in winter clothing and wearing warm winter jackets this year.  I'm contemplating wearing long johns today as the high is only going to be 40.  How's that for the latter half of April in southern Iowa?

Here's a clip from an article I read online today about the month of April in Iowa thus far....

Spring storms are nothing new for Iowans, but this April has been particularly dreary.

So far this month there have been 14 cloudy or partly cloudy days and just three clear days, according to the weather service.  Wednesday made its case for worst day of the month, with downpours causing flash flooding in southern and eastern Iowa. Then again, today could top it — up to 4 inches of snow forecast up north, and continued rainfall to the south.

It’s enough to make Iowans a little stir-crazy.

Yes - 14 cloudy dreary days with only 3 sunny days this month certainly has a Seattle feel to it....  

Spring Training Continues

In spite of the weather outside and the jam packed last week of classes schedule, I have managed to stay on target with my training.  I have been at school every night this week for 1, 2 or 3 recitals every night.  My students have a spring recital tonight, and tomorrow is the final recital to round out the season.

My recovery week has called for a pretty easy week and it feels great!!!  Eat.  Rest.  Eat.  Light workout.  Eat.  Rest.  Eat.  Oh yeah, a pound weight gain thus far because of it, but that's to be expected on such a light week with the intake I've been doing!!!  I've jumped up from 182 and change to 183 and change.  I better keep my fingers out of the snacks today and tomorrow!!!

Monday:  Maintenance Weights

Tuesday:  Got outisde for a 60 minute recovery ride on the road bike

Wednesday:  60 minute recovery ride on the trainer and Maintenance Weights

Thursday:  60 minute recovery on the trainer

There is an XC Race scheduled for Saturday in Omaha.  More rain and snow is in the forecast for today, so time will tell if the singletrack is in shape for Saturday's race or it ends up getting rescheduled.  I know the dirt around here is going to require many days of wind and sun to dry.  However, Omaha may have not been hit as hard as we were.  Two weeks ago as we were muddy and soaking wet here in Central Iowa, it was dry as a bone at Swanson in Bellevue. Wind and sun is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday - so things may just dry out enough to race.


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