Pumping iron....and pumping water!!!

I am moving forward this week with the build, peak and race plan.  This is week 2 of that and I did slighlty alter Monday's schedule due to the 75 degree pleasant weather.  I had to, right?


Pumped my iron in the morning with an hour of legs, upper body and core maintenance work.  The session went fine and did the trick to fire up my metabolism for the day.

After work, I grabbed the road bike and took off for a recovery spin not knowing how long or how far I would ride.  This was not scheduled, but I figured since I raced on the weekend instead of the back to back days of long rides that were scheduled it would be okay.  I had a tailwind, so I was able to spin in Zone 1 all the way to Carlisle enjoying the weather and being outside.  I turned around at Carlisle and went to an easier gear, got down in the drops and kept it on Zone 1/edge of Zone 2 to head back through the wind.  About 1/2 way home I met Tara who was out for her post work ride.  She asked me to turn around and go with her.  We had a nice visit and ride in the weather knowing the rest of the week's weather would not be conducive to riding outside.  I ended up with a 2 1/2 hour "recovery ride" which is no longer an official recovery ride - but my legs were up to it.  We quickly showered and went to a student recital at Simpson.  After the recital we came home and baked some salmon for dinner.

Pumping water alert:  A big storm hit Monday night after the NCAA final game.  Thunder.  Lightening.  Rain.  Hail.  The whole ball of wax.  How did the water pumping team do in the basement?


On tap for today was a  Zone 4 interval workout.  I did this indoors before work watching the news.  I targeted the upper end of Zone 4 on all of these intervals and felt pretty good at the end of the session before heading off to a long day at work.  Needless to say, my metabolism was fired up from the effort!!!

There just was not time for dinner with all of the recitals, rehearsals, convocations, etc...so I grabbed a quick meal at La Casa that is off the charts for my training at the moment - but the Zone 4 had worked up my appetite.  A quick burrito and the no-no basket of chips and salsa before heading back to a studio recital, and then a dress rehearsal for a senior voice student's recital in Great Hall.  That finished about 8:15 and I got home around 8:30 where Tara informed me she had a wonderful meal for me.  Ooops!  I forgot to tell her I was working late and would not be needing dinner.  Oh well, there will be some nice leftovers for me today.

Pumping water alert:  A big storm hit Tuesday night as we slept.  The wind sounded like a freight train and I shot upright in bed remembering exactly what the tornado sounded like in 2010 that buzzed our backyard.  This was just a strong wind, but let me tell you - one never forgets!!!

The radar image below had finally blown out of our area after dumping 2 inches more on us.

Tuesday Night's Storm

PUMPING WATER team is working great!!!

These guys did not get much of a workout last year due to a lack of rain and the drought.  So I have wondered how they would actually function when put to test after all the woes we had in previous years before getting the additional interior drainage track and pump system installed in the basement.  We've had some major dumps the last few nights which kicked the pumps into action after being dormant for so many months.

This is what we added in 2011, but was not really tested much at all last year....


It's been a champ during the snow melt and early season rain storms!!!

Here's the pit sump-pump on the other end of the basement that was upgraded in 2011 and punched correctly 2 years ago to function like it should have in the first place...


Both have been champs during the recent storms and Team Pump is working!!!  They better be for the amount of money we had to spend to get a working solution.  They both have back up battery systems, alarms and are supposed to work for up to 6 hours if the power ever goes off.  I'm hoping that doesn't happen, but the additional upgrade would be to get some sort of a generator in place in the event a major storm knocks out our power.  To date, that has not happened.  But it is storm season and tornado season has officially begun. 

Zack accidently dropped a sock down the slot for the dryer vent last night which means I have to deal with that today.  I tried taking it apart last night and had no luck.  I've got a call into a repairman hoping he calls me back today for an appointment.  How a sock fell in there, I have no idea.  But it is preventing the dryer from functioning.

Looks like rain all day with snow tonight and more rain and snow tomorrow.  Maybe I shouldn't have put the snowblower and shovel in storage this past weekend........


Iowagriz said...

Try one of these from Napa, it should be cheap. Likely poking in the dark, but you might get lucky:

Bruce Brown said...

I took the back off of the dryer, undid the bolts for the motor unit and was able to get the sock out of there along with quite a bit of old lint, paper clips, safety pins and crud to get it up and running again. All before any repairmen returned my calls. Gotta love Google where I just typed in "sock fell in the lint trap".