My weight weenie parts can now relax....

The good news is that most of my weight weenie bicycle parts can breathe a sigh of relief.  Some of them have a rider weight limit in the 185-189 range, so now I am officially below that. 

The scale reports that I am spot on 184 this morning.  It dipped down to 183.6 briefly yesterday.  It seems every pound is a battle that takes a week to fight and overcome the goal to drop based on the formula of losing one pound per week as a healthy way to proceed. 

The one I am still worried about are my Ti spindle Xpedo pedals.

Xpedo M-Force 8 Ti

Why am I worried?  Because the company clearly states...

*Titanium spindles have 180lbs weight limit.

I'm close.  Really close.  And I will be there - eventually.  Then my pedals can also relax.

Why the fascination with weight?  

The power to weight ratio for a cyclist is a gauge of how one will perform compared to others.  It is a ratio where you take the amount of watts you can produce for a certain time period and divide that by your weight in kilograms. 

Here is a chart that shows the results.

It is no secret that I am fighting to climb from the lower ranges of that chart to move up the ladder through training and weight loss.

The climb has been gradual over the past 6 years where I have moved from...

Untrained to
Fair to

I am now trying to move from Moderate and claw my way up to the next rung on the chart which would be at least the lower end of Good.  My weight loss is something I can do to help achieve this goal.  The work I have been doing on my sustainable power production this year will help a bit, but the weight loss combined with that is what will really move me from Moderate to the lower end of Good.  Everything else being the same, if I weighed 165-170 (what I weighed when I was a runner back in the 80's and early 90's) I would be there.  But I weigh 184.  And that takes a lot more power than I can produce to go up the hills and stick with the lighter riders.  So the battle of the bulge continues to improve my power to weight ratio and has my goal set on 178 as primary point #1.  Obviously, a drop from there down to the 170 area would be even more beneficial.  But first things first.  Get down to 178.  If I stay on track, my goal is to be there in mid-May (using the formula of dropping a pound a week).

I weighed in at the Doctor's office yesterday at 187 fully clothed with my suit/tie/jacket/wallet/shoes/car keys/cellphone which was good to see.  They said I was about 10 pounds above that the last time I weighed in fully clothed at the Doctor (over a year ago).

Spring is trying to unleash...

I had a chilly spring ride in 25 degree temperatures yesterday.  Should be in 50's today and 60's the next 3 days.  This is why I went to see the Doctor yesterday.  I needed to get a new prescription for the allergy medication as I know things are about to explode any minute and my prescription from last year had expired.  I want to be ready when it hits in full force.  

In the meantime while waiting for spring to appear, I remain in training. 

Monday - Maintenance Strength Training

Tuesday - 90 minutes outside on the bike with 36 minutes of Zone 4 and five hill climb full out intervals

Wednesday - 60 minute recovery spin Zone 1 and Maintenance Strength Training   

It's Concert Time!

We had our final dress rehearsal last night for the Earnest Bloch Sacred Service.  It went really well from my standpoint and the music is so lush and gorgeous.  I still am working on pronouncing the Hebrew correctly and will work on a few words and sounds I have been struggling with the next few days to get better for Saturday night.

The performance is Saturday night at 7 pm - Temple B'nai Jeshurun on Grand Avenue.  I am the baritone soloist and we have 10 voice majors from Simpson stacked in the choir so it really sounds good.  And the Temple is beautiful.  The piece is not that long (should take about 40 minutes) and will be followed with a reception in the fellowship hall.  So come one and come all as it is open to the public.  No tickets needed as I believe there will be a Freewill Offering taken.

It won't be as green as this photo taken in front of the Temple, but it will be warm inside.



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