Did that really just happen?

Did I just take another step into the area of being a handyman? 

My wife thinks I already do meet the qualifications, but it felt daunting to take on a dryer with a sock stuck down in the lint trap since I don't know anything about dryers.  Heck, I didn't even know it was called a "lint trap" until I started searching around on the internet.


After multiple calls to various appliance repair businesses and leaving message after message, I gave up and typed in "sock stuck in dryer" or some such wording into Google.   Low and behold - I hit a question and solution page that gave me detailed instructions on what to do for the exact model of dryer that we have (Kenmore 600).  I took the back off of the dryer, unscrewed the fan/motor unit that attaches to the bottom of the "vent trap" and found the sock all wrapped up in the fan blades along with a bunch of lint, and various things that have fallen out of pockets over the years.  I put it all back together and presto - the dryer was up and running like nothing had ever happened.  Probably even better now that I cleaned all of that lint out of there.  Saved quite a chunk of change doing it myself as the diagnostic quote was $59 - 79 for a dryer repairman to come out to the house.  The repair allows me to include messing with an appliance in my handyman portfolio of accomplishments.

Being a handyman is like cooking:  if one can read the directions, you can do it. 

Losing or Winning?

Last week was the week to go sub 184 and I finally made it.  Sticking with my one pound a week goal of weight loss (or as close to it as I can), this week is the week to go sub 183.  I am 183.4 this Thursday morning (Thursday is the mid point of my training week).  If I could just keep my fingers out of the goodies after all of these recitals it would be a lot easier to see 182.x register on the scale!!!  Last night's extracurricular, post-recital treat was a wonderful red velvet cake ball dipped in white chocolate and a glass of punch with a strawberry floating in it (that was spiked with Champagne)!!!  It was good, and didn't set me back too much.  

Interval Training

Today was another interval session on the bike in the basement before work.  4 x 4 minutes of Zone 5 stuff.  You know, the kind of intervals that have you questioning a lot of things and challenging your mental state to make the numbers.  These were scheduled with shorter recovery periods (incomplete recovery) between and I found myself having thoughts of cheating on each of the recovery periods as they came along.  However, by the time the recovery period was over I launched into the next one and completed the intense workout.  I've got to take that effort and level of pain out to the race course for sure!!

Speaking of intervals, the upcoming race at Sylvan Island this Sunday is a rather odd XC race course that pretty much is best described by saying it is a bunch of sprint intervals linked together with some twisty turns thrown in between the sprints due to the course design (it is flat and the flow is.....well not sure there really is any flow).  It's always a mess at the start because they don't believe in age class waves at the start line.  Everyone just clumps together as one big group and goes on the gun (usually about 80-90 guys in my wave).  Temperatures will elevate into the 60's for it, but who knows how wet it will be?   

Alexa has a home track meet tonight which is senior night/parent's night.  Tara is in New York City, so I will be there representing tonight to watch Alexa sprint and walk the walk with Alexa when they have the parents come down on the field for introductions.  The weather sure does look ugly for a track meet - 41 degrees.  Hard for the muscles to work well in that kind of frigid for the runners.  I'm going to bundle up in long johns, rain gear, hat, gloves, boots - whatever it takes to stay comfy...

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