Base Period is OVER!!!

The 12 week base period from December 31, 2012 - March 31, 2013 is now in the bag.

It ended with a 4 hour Easter ride outside yesterday with Tara.  We thought it was going to be 52 and warm.  However, the wind was howling out of the north and made the windchill much cooler.  In addition, it was the longest ride of the year for Tara, so we kept speeds in check.  Sort of an extended suffer-fest to say the least.  Outside of a good hour of Zone 2 and a little bit of Zone 3, most of it was in Zone 1 and low end Zone 2 for me.  We rode from Martensdale to Principal Park and back, and I did 30 minutes with the dogs for a walk as a cool down.

That was a good amount of time for me to figure out if the stem and reach were ideal on the Roubaix.  The bike ate up the rough Great Western trail!!!  Love the frame for that.  The three fit set ups would be an aggressive position, a recreational position, and a casual position.  I would say that with the stem flipped negative and the 120mm length - it is between the aggressive and recreational position for me at the moment.  I could easily flip it positive or get one a bit shorter to move it between recreational and casual for something like RAGBRAI.  It's kind of an odd stem with 12 degree rise and one shim that allows you to be +4 or -4.  If you buy it separately, it comes with a +2 and -2 shim as well as a 0 degree shim.  I wish I had those to play with and will check with Rassmussen's to see if some shims are available for me to play with on this bike to micro dial the stem.  I'm used to 5 and 6 degree stems that give you 2 choices, flipped positive or flipped negative.  

We got home and Tara put the 10 pound leg of lamb in the oven for our Easter evening dinner.  After the 2 1/4 hour wait and the house smelling so good - it was unbelievably good.  I guess sometimes you luck out with the particular piece of meat.  This one I got at Hy-Vee and it was very tender and tasty.  So we lucked out.  Roasted potatoes, salad, pita with tzatziki, and Mediterranean carrots rounded out the meal.

2013 Training First Quarter Check

Weighed in this morning at 184.2 for the end of the 12 week base period.  That's down from where I started the 12 week base which was around 194 following my holiday indulgences.  I seem to be hovering right at 184 for the moment before I break the barrier to head south to my target goal.  I've been enjoying plenty of food, so it's time to focus on some portion control - both at breakfast and dinner.  Lunch I have under control and the few snacks are usually either raisins, an apple, a few nuts or nothing.  I couldn't lay off the lamb and goodies last night, that's for sure!!  

My annual training hours now number 106 which puts me right on track to meet my goals in terms of the annual hours.  I begin a 12 week build, peak, and race program  on Monday, April 1st with maintenance weights and a recovery ride.  Luckily, I have the day off from school for our Easter Monday holiday, but will work on our taxes and go to a rehearsal at night for the upcoming April 6th Earnest Bloch Sacred Service Concert in Des Moines.  We hit it hard Monday and Tuesday nights for rehearsal with the full group.  My sinus infection is subsiding thanks to a very strong antibiotic, but it has a ways to go yet for all the drainage to stop.  It was bothering me again on Thursday night, but was better the past 2 nights.

XC Racing is scheduled to being this coming weekend with the Nebraska Psycowpath first event at Swanson Park in Bellevue, NE.  There is a Time Trial and Short Track race on Saturday, but I have the concert Saturday night so will not be attending that.  I will attend the Sunday XC race - weather permitting.  The forecast is for 40's going into the 50's, and then the 60's for the end of week.   Currently says 64 and rain on Saturday with 55 and no rain on Sunday.  Not the same as last year's sunny and 86, but hopefully the trail can dry out this week with the sunshine, and wind.

April 1 Registration began at 8 am Central Time today.  I'm in for the Dakota Five-0!!!

Dakota 50

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