Worked over and tender...

Thank God it's Friday!!!

At least training wise that is.  I weighed in at 184.4 this morning, so my weight is spending time "hovering" at the moment and hopefully is getting ready to go sub 184 over the weekend due to the amount of hours on the bike I have planned. 

Friday is an optional short recovery ride in the morning (which I will get on the dog walk) and a short core/upper body workout in the early evening for me.  That's just what I need after Wednesday and Thursday's sessions.  I'm also singing a Sinatra tune with the jazz band tonight at the Nostalgia Dance.  So a day off the bike is good to get hydrated and the pipes working.

Wednesday began with taking advantage of the frozen earth and getting some dirt riding before work.  I turned the rear shock on the JET 9 to the non Pro Pedal position to get full squish on the hard as a rock dirt.  The evening was a weight lifting session and I upped the plates on my power cleans and pushpress barbell lifts.  I believe I added just a little too much weight (30 pounds more) compared to the last session doing these.  In spite of that, I was able to complete them all with a few grunts and grimaces, but my body was really sore on Thursday as a result.

Thursday was a Zone 4 interval day which extended from the prior week's session of 32 minutes in Zone 4 to this week's call for 40 minutes in Zone 4 via 5 x 8 minute intervals with 2 minutes recovery between each interval.  I did this outside last week which seems to yield better results for me than sitting on the C7i in the basement, but I was in the basement to keep me honest.  I didn't feel recovered enough from the weight lifting session on Wednesday to try the Zone 4 workout in the morning before I headed into the office.  So I came home on my lunch break to do them.

Zone 4 for me is currently based on the last 20 minute power test and claims that my Zone 4 is 242 - 280 Watts.  So I launched into interval number 1 pegged right at 280 Watts.  No sense in working my way up to the top end of Zone 4, right?  Just nail it out of the gate to simulate race start pace.  Cross-eyed as I was by the end of it - I finished it and wondered if 2 minutes of recovery would be enough.  By the time I had those thoughts, the 2 minutes of recovery were up and off I went into the next interval.  The next 2 intervals were more around the low end of Zone 4 in the 242-251 Watt range and those felt easier.  I vary the cadence and power level to maintain the wattage and really work the cadence in a more realistic manner of what mountain biking is - constantly changing cadence.  The two lower end Zone 4 intervals restored my confidence to hit the upper end pain cave again.  I rounded out with the final 2 intervals targeting the 270 - 280 Watt area and finished strong.  These things are not quite as fun to do in the basement compared to doing them outside, but I completed the honest workout on the C7i that cuts me no slack (hence - honest), showered, and went back to work for the afternoon.

So, from a training standpoint and chance to recover a bit before the scheduled 5 1/2 hours on the bike this weekend, I will repeat what I said to start this post...

Thank God it's Friday!!! 

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