Weekend riding...

I hit all of my training hours this weekend!!!

In spite of the cold, riding outside was not bad at all.  I didn't have to layer up as much as I thought and riding in upper 20's to mid 30's in dry weather was actually very enjoyable.  Either that, or I have simply adjusted over the winter to deal with it.  ;-)

We have entered soup season for off road riding...


Until things dry out - or get below freezing enough to have the ground solid (which it was on Sunday morning for a few hours) - it's on the pavement, gravel and in the basement for the rest of March.  I have faith that warm weather is coming.  It was 86 on April 2nd last year and we grilled and ate outside.  I know it will be here soon and the earth will dry up so we can ride off road and start the mountain bike racing season.

I got out for two hours on Saturday which had a strong wind blowing out of the north.  That made the ride to Carlisle a grunt, but the road bike allowed me to tuck down into the tooth of the wind and grind it out.  Turning around and heading back south was almost a joke.  The wind was so strong I could stay in Zone 2 even on the big ring and smallest 2 cogs.  It was like riding downhill all the way home.  Zack and I hit up Americana on Saturday for dinner and then went to the student directed plays at Simpson.

Sunday's plan was to join up with Bike Iowa fellow team members and pre-ride the Gents Race 70 mile gravel route.  They were going to roll at 7:30, but I had to be at a student recital at Simpson at 2 pm and I feared I wouldn't be able to make it back.  Turns out, I was right.  They finished about 1:30 which would not have given me enough time to drive back from Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny to make the 2 pm curtain.

So I altered my plans and got my pastrami on the Big Green Egg to smoke for 8 hours.  It's my annual St. Patty's day smoke where I buy a couple of corned beef chunks, soak them in water over night to remove the salt, rub them up with mustard and my own recipe - and smoke them for some NY deli style pastrami.  And, as usual, it seems it is just Zack and I around this time a year as the ladies are off on spring break and out in California enjoying real spring weather.


Pastramify It!


Pastrami Mania!!!

Yum.  And we have enough pastrami for a week!!!

While the cow was smoking on the Egg, I suited up and enjoyed the sunshine for a 2 1/2 hour Zone 2/3 ride which is what was scheduled.  This time, I was again against the wind going to Carlisle.  Looking forward to the turn, imagine my shock as the wind suddenly shifted as if somebody flipped a switch and I had to face a headwind all the way home as well!!!  Well, that certainly made it easy for me to keep it in Zone 3!!!

I got home in time to shower, check the meat, adjust the temperature a bit lower and then head to a trio of recitals at 2, 3:15 and 4:30 - all of which were excellent recitals!!

Zack went out to eat with two of the recitalists and I went home to enjoy some warm pastrami, bread, Irish white cheddar cheese and a couple of beers on my own while watching 60 Minutes.  Such was my Sunday.  Then I took the dogs for a walk while I rode the Karate Monkey.  Wow!  The huge 2.4 Racing Ralphs and the Karate Monkey felt huge after spending the weekend on the road bike with the little tires and somewhat undersized frame for me (it's Zack's and is only a 58cm frame which is very small for me).  The Monkey is the right size, but suddenly I was aware how large it is compared to the road bike.


Regardless of the bike or the bike size, I booked my 4 1/2 hours on the bike, and 60 minutes of core work which brought my annual hours up to 83.  I'll finish March with my annual total around 107.5 hours which is right on target for around 433 annual hours this year. 

Time to shovel the snow that fell this morning (2 inches) and head off to work.

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