The Mullet Fall Classic receives Reader's Choice Award....!!!!

I had mentioned back in early February that the mountain bike race I host, The Mullet Fall Classic, had been nominated for a Reader's Choice Award by Momentum Magazine. 

Well, the March issue just came out for Momentum Magazine and the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards are listed.

Drum roll please............

Mullet is Top

I feel humbled and thank everyone who voted.  As I said in early February, I am already busy working behind the scenes to make this year even better for the October 6th race at Lake Ahquabi.  Following the sage advice of Chad Vande Lune, better doesn't mean shooting for huge growth where the event loses it's fun atmosphere and vibe that has already been created.

That being said, the 2013 race season is about to commence as we all wrap up our winter base training and start to rotate into our build phases.  It begins in 4 weeks for the Psycowpath Series in Nebraska on April 6-7, and in 5 weeks for the IMBCS here in Iowa on April 14th.

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