Spring riding....and Betsy is GONE!!!

Two days of glorious spring weather have been served up here in Warren County.  That, combined with the time change allowing me to have daylight after work set up a wonderful Thursday evening bike ride to take advantage of the 48 degree temperature.

Even better, my final lesson of the day had to cancel which got me on the bike 30 minutes sooner than I thought I was going to be able to do.  I hopped on the road bike...


...and got 2 hours in on the Summerset Trail and worked in what was on tap for the day's training - 4 x 8 minute Zone 4 intervals with a one minute Zone 1/2 recovery between.  The first one did it's usual magic and stung me into reality wondering if I would be able to complete all 4, but after that first one the other 3 were just fine.  I got home about 20 minutes before 6 with a good exercise endorphin high.

I made a huge salad with fresh springs, mandarin oranges, nuts, onions, green peppers, bacon, raisins and baked a small size pizza we had in the freezer.  Zack and I devoured it all as it was quite tasty and my hunger was raging after the 2 hour ride with the intervals.

I woke up sub 185 pounds for the first time since this off season training began!!!  184.4 to be exact.  I am locked on the 180 target as the first landing point to achieve my goal.  Going sub 180 is the second target goal (175-177 area).  And that will be the unknown territory as I try to find a balance of maintaining my power output and cut weight to improve my power to weight ratio on the bike.

Mr. BFM Scale is keeping me honest...


Today will be nearly 60 degrees, and I did a recovery ride in the 55 degree temperature to take advantage of the spring weather.  I even checked out some local gravel to see what the current condition is on the peanut butter.

March 15th weather

BikeIowa cycling team is getting together Sunday morning to pre-ride the Gents Race course.  I'm trying to decide which bike to take for the 70 miles of gravel based on what the gravel is like right now and what it might be like on Sunday.  The forecast is for 45 degrees and sunny on Sunday and I would like to think that yesterday and today should go a long way at drying out the gravel so things should ride pretty quick on Sunday.  Kyle Sedore "claims" we will ride at a friendly pace....which means I better eat my Wheaties and have plenty of fuel to keep me turning the cranks over for 5 hours.

I have a recording session at 3:30 up in Norwalk this afternoon to record 3 songs based on poetry by Rod McKuen that my colleague Ron Albrecht composed for me.  We will perform them next year on my faculty recital, but the recording will be sent to Mr. McKuen to get his take before final publishing of the music.  Tonight I will attend the Cabaret evening at Simpson that Phi Mu and Mu Phi are doing.

Betsy is GONE!!!


After numerous posts on Craigslist and several months of me lowering the asking price, I finally got 8 phone calls on Sunday and Monday when my price must have hit the tipping point.  The first of those 8 showed up on Tuesday morning with cash, took a test drive and gave me what I was asking for it on the spot.  First come, first served won the car and we filled out the paperwork before I watched Betsy and 10 years of family memories with her drive away.

It's nice to have an extra parking spot in the garage again as Betsy has been in the garage since November.

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