Home from Germany - or "How I Lost Weight in Deutschland"!!!

After the usual long day of sitting in an airplane to cross the Atlantic, I arrived home late Friday night from my week in Germany.  I did get a lot accomplished during the week in terms of lining up things for 2015, but I didn't accomplish everything I had intended on doing mainly due to the limitations of time.  It takes a ot of time to travel and scout out everything I wanted students to see during their semester abroad for my class, so I skipped the places I knew and went to some new things I had never seen before.

The sub-heading of "How I Lost Weight in Deutschland" refers to the reality that I ended up walking miles and miles on a daily basis (Nürnberg, Schorndorf, Stuttgart, Tübingen).  My legs are on the side of overdone toast due to all of the walking.  This coupled with me not eating very large meals all ended up in a 5 pound weight loss for the week.  Wow!  The first day I walked 4 1/2 hours and that ended up almost being one of my "easy" days.  Two of the days were more "recovery" like walking days where I walked less distance and at a slower pace to recover.  I went over to Germany with a cold that did turn into a cough, but I was able to curtail it with cough Robitussin suppressant and Mucinex cough suppressant.  By the time I came home, my cold was gone.

A few photographs from the journey....

Here's the classroom used for the morning and afternoon classes in the Volkshochschule


The entrance to the Schloßtübingen


A wonderful cheese stand (Käsestand) at the open air market in Schorndorf


The Neckar River (some very nice beer is crafted in this town!!!)


Some of the students took me on a tour to show me where they like to hangouts in Schorndorf.  We stopped for a beverage here at the Cafe Moser


The open air market in Schorndorf is held every Tuesday and Saturday all year long where you buy fresh produce, cheese, meat, flowers, baked goods, etc...

Schorndorf Market

I stopped carrying my camera and shoulder pack after the first few days to the stress it was placing on my shoulder and back.  I left it in the Hotel and just went with what I could carry in my pockets.  Things warmed up after I arrived and no jacket was required for 4 of the days I was there as temperatures reached the mid to upper 60's.

Cycling abounds in the town of Schorndorf with mountain biking, road biking, paved cycling paths, Forstrasse (gravel and dirt fire roads through the woods), and bikes are allowed on trains to travel to and from where one wants to ride.  There is a lot of downhill mountain biking in the area, but between January and April it's too muddy for that type of riding, and there is too much snow for mountain biking in January - February.  However, I did see hundreds of mountain bikers heading off into the woods as things warmed up and the snow melted.  In terms of Downhill mountain biking, I'm not worried about that type of riding as I am not a DH mountain biker to begin with in the first place.  There are two wonderful bike shops in Schorndorf itself - and of course I stopped in and visited with employees in both shops to get an idea of what kind of cycling I could do there in 2015.  One in particular - http://www.bikesnboards.de/http://www.bikesnboards.de/ - is a real specialty shop with an excellent focus on mountain bikes from Cube, Specialized, and Scott.  The other shop is a Freeride specialty mountain biking store that features Cannondale and some European brands.

That's about it for now.  Time to unpack my suitcase, do the laundry and get caught up with things here in the house before the school week starts on Monday.

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