Green Day - tonight!!!

A few days of spring has finally sprung.  We should hit 63 today which means another bike ride outside.  The new bike has arrived at Rassy's, but I might not be able to get it until later today, or tomorrow - or even on Monday as Sterling tells me they are swamped and it needs to be assembled.  The warmer weather increases their business and list of things to do.  He's got it down on the list to build, but there are quite a few things on the list he says.  So I continue increasing my anticipation until I get "the call".

I did 90 minutes outside yesterday on pavement on the Specialized Allez to honor what I hoped was my last ride on it (isn't 8 years enough?).  I will do about 2 hours this morning before a shortened work day.  Alexa and I are having a father/daughter weekend by going on a road trip right after she gets out of school today.  We'll be heading to the Quad Cities to catch Green Day tonight.


We haven't seen them since their American Idiot Tour when we heard them in Kansas City.  It will be fun to catch them in concert again. 

Tara and I went to Alexa's first outdoor track meet of the 2013 season (Tuesday's was cancelled here in Indianola due to snow).  The meet was up in Ankeny and began at 4 pm.  We got there around 5:30 after work and had only missed her first event.  The coach had her down to run in 5 events.  Five?  That's too many and luckily they pulled her from one and she ran in 4 relays.  These were all the big 4 A schools from Des Moines (Ankeny, Roosevelt, Valley, Dowling, East, Indianola, Johnston, Urbandale).  Alexa ran three 200 meter segments, and one 100 meter segment.  She got stronger as the evening went on and really was hauling in the last two events, the Sprint Medley (where Indianola won!!!), and the 4 by 100 (where they took 4th).  Alexa hasn't run 200 meter segments since about 7th or 8th grade, but I think it's not a bad distance for her.  The 100 has been her best event over the years.  Anyway, we had fun watching her in spite of the fact that a track meet has to be the slowest, most drawn out sporting event to watch as a spectator.

It was a bit chilly last night sitting out there as a spectator for several hours.  A lot of people bring in blankets, stadium seats, bags of goodies and treats to have a "tailgate" right in the stands (minus the booze of course).  I made the mistake of getting a box of popcorn for $1 to tide me over and was amazed at how oversalted it was.  I ate it because I was pretty hungry.  I would guess it was well over a week's worth of sodium in it meaning I was snacking on the number one killer - salt.  I'll be doing my best to hydrate, flush and sweat that out the next 24 hours.  No more stadium popcorn!!! 

The 4 x 100 is one of the most enjoyable events for me to watch as is the 100 meter and 100 meter hurdles.  Those events share the common denominator of - if you blink you miss it The 4 x 400 was the final event of the evening and Indianola fought back in the anchor leg and was in 1st place with 100 meters to go.  It was a great finish, but Indianola ended up in third as that final 100 meters was a battle between three runners.  Fun was had by all.  We took Alexa home and stopped by Court Avenue Brewery for some dinner to celebrate and watched Ohio beat Arizona.

Happy Easter Weekend to all!!!

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