Could this be the day? New Bike Day that is?

On tap for the next 4 days seems to be spring like weather with temperatures in the 50's all 4 days.  I will take my lunch break today and head out for a ride to get in a quick 60-90 minutes.  I'll be going to Alexa's track meet after work, so no time for a ride then.

I am waiting for a call from Rassy's that my Roubaix has landed at the shop and is assembled.  Could be today.  Could be tomorrow.  I hope to get it in time for at least a couple of rides this weekend.

I feel leg a begging critter waiting for the shiny red bike...


In other words, I am filled with anticipation, curiosity of the size and fit, and of course the ride out on the pavement itself.

Training Week 12:  Rest & Recovery Week

This is my final week in the 12 week base period I have been through that started on December 31.  The last two weeks were fairly decent loads in terms of TSS and I needed to take Monday entirely off.   I did weigh in at 184.2 Monday morning, so I didn't quite make my sub 184 goal.  Maybe this week.  Lower body weights were scheduled on Monday, but I moved that workout to Wednesday morning so I could recover from the 5 1/2 hours on the bike that I did on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday:  Off/Recovery spins via 2 dog walks
Tuesday:  60 minutes Zone 2
Wednesday:  Excellent Lower Body Workout!!!  I hit my off season high goal weights on the squats.
Thursday:  60-90 minutes easy ride outside

Cleaning up the JET 9

The mud is/was a glued on mess on the JET from Saturday mornings ride at Lake Ahquabi. 


I got most of the big chunks off this morning after the dog walk.  It's due for some soap and water, a full lube and tune-up to get ready for XC racing next weekend.  The RIP is clean and ready to race, so that might be what I reach for first depending on trail conditions come next weekend.  But I will clean up the JET and get it ready as well.  I learned my lesson to not ride in that kind of mud again.  Yuck.

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