Back on the horse...

Hopped off the plane late Friday night, went to bed and slept straight through the night.  Amen!   Jet lag is much worse flying east than it is west - at least for me.

Week 9 of my base training plan was a scheduled rest and recovery week, so my coach told me to just use my trip to Germany as a R & R week and do some walking.  Well, as you know - walking I did!!!  Rather than try to make up for what I missed, coach said to just skip it and get back on the bike with the final 2 days of that week when I got home.

So Saturday called for me to get 2 hours of Zone 2 riding outside.  Due to it raining, I decided to climb back on the horse in the basement for 90 minutes of Zone 2 and then do 30 minutes of upper body weights.

The C7i horse was smiling at me yesterday to go for a spin...


The first 5 minutes had me feeling like superman as I took off in high Zone 2 and then I realized I better dial it back to lower Zone 2 and warm-up a bit.  So I backed of the watts to lower end Zone 2 and worked my way back to mid range for that zone.  Every 10 minutes, I stood and did a high Zone 2 60 second out of saddle spin.  I felt good at the end of 90 minutes and enjoyed watching Tiger Woods score a 5 under par round while on the C7i.   Then I hit the upper body weights (had only done push-ups over in Germany) and that felt good as well.

Tara made dinner - shrimp, rice and broccoli - before I was out like a light at 8:30.  I woke up at 2:10 to use the facilities, then fell back asleep until 6:30 this morning (7:30 with the time switch).  So it appears that I had no problems getting back to this time zone from Germany.

I woke up this morning, and the 5 pounds I lost are still lost.  Weigh in was 185.  I'm 1/2 way to my minimal goal of getting to 180 for the beginning of cycling season.  The first race is just 3 weeks away - right at the end of my base training.  I don't think I've ever started a race season at 180, but it is my goal to get there as well as to chip away a bit more and go sub 180 after I make it to 180.  My lowest has been reaching 177 in the past 5 or 6 years and I would like to get there for sure.  I might not make it to 180 in 3 weeks time for the first race as that is quite a bit of weight to shed and would probably involve a bit of muscle loss to get there which I don't want to do until racing season begins.  A bit more discipline will be required on my part to get there and maintain it, but it's now or never, right?  I will see how I feel and perform at 180 and then decide if working down to 177 or 175 without any loss in performance is a doable thing.  I think it is, but I am leaving my options open.

Today is an easy 2 hours with a 30 minute Zone 1 warm up before dialing it up into Zone 2.  It's raining outside and snow is headed this way, so it looks like more watching golf on television from Doral and more C7i basement riding with the fans blowing on me to keep me cool and my heart rate down.

We are heading to Macaroni Grill in Des Moines for dinner to take advantage of the coupons they sent us for our bad meal back in January.   This time, we'll order smart - as in something they can't mess up like a wood burning oven pizza.

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