Weekend Warrior mode...

I capped off the week in my weekend warrior mode on Saturday and Sunday.  I had wanted to ride in the CIRREM event, but due to our scholarship auditions on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm at Simpson, I couldn't participate.  We actually finished our auditions by about 4:15 on Saturday, so I ran home to get my workout in before dinner.

I had 2 options that were on the training schedule and went with option B - 90 minutes of Zone 2 riding.  I did this on the C7i trainer in the basement with the fans on full blast to keep me cool.  I moved around using various cadences and worked the entire gamut of Zone 2 in terms of wattage.  Physically I was fine, but it was a bit of a mental struggle to knock out 90 minutes on the trainer especially since the sun was shining outside.  But I made it through the workout for weekend warrior workout number 1.  I burned off the donut and cookie I had eaten (both no-no's) at the auditions.  We should provide apples, nuts, etc... rather than the junk food.   Zack left for Denver with the Simpson Madrigal/Chamber Singer tour and Alexa had a dinner date, so Tara and I drove up to Des Moines for dinner.  We thought about seeing Quartet, but would have been about 10 minutes late, so went home and watched Dreamgirls instead.

Sunday was to be a big day involving smoking 2 chickens, getting a 3 hour ride in outside for my 2nd weekend warrior workout, shopping for our son's birthday present and of course - watching the Academy Awards.  I woke up with the beginning twinges of a very mild sore throat.  I wasn't sure if it was from reflux or if I was getting a bug.  The rest of me felt fine, so I went on about my day.  I stopped at Hy-Vee and picked up the two chickens.  I got the fire in the Green Egg going, put the rub on the chickens, made the aromatics to keep them moist and put the birds on at 12 noon.  Tara and Alexa went shopping without me since it was clear I wasn't going to be able to get the timing of the birds correct with our shopping trip.

My goal was to make the two birds turn out more moist than the "smokin' chicks" I did a month earlier.  Here were those lovely birds...


As good as they were, they did not turn out as moist as I wanted them to be.

I built a better fire this time, got the temperature just right, made an olive oil, beer, lemon, spice aromatic, drenched the birds in olive oil, salt and pepper and stuck a potato in the top of the neck to lock in the juices and moisture from the aromatics.

While they were shopping and the birds were smoking, my training ride called for 3 hours of a hilly ride in Zone 2/3.  Luckily, Warren County plows and clears the Summerset Trail from Indianola down to Summerset road (just before Banner Pits) due to a decision in 2011 to clear this portion of the road for walkers, joggers, cyclists as noboby was really cross country skiing on it.  Being that it is uphill from Summerset to Indianola, I figured I could ride it at least 3 times along with some other hills.  I got kitted up and since it was about 36 degrees outside - I didn't have to wear too many layers to keep warm as there was very litle wind and the sun was blaring.

The trail looks like this during the fall/winter when the snow is melted...


The trip is 26.x miles from our house to Carlisle and back.  I took off at 12:40 and was surpised how pleasant it was outside.  I hammered all the hills in Zone 3 on the way to the trail and only hit a few patches of ice/snow on the road in town.  The trail was bone dry as when we shoveled on Friday, the sun did an amazing job of burning things dry on the pavement.  If that had not happened, here's what Summerset can look like if the bottom layer is ice...


Luckily, that was not the scenario this weekend.  The trail was dry from edge to edge.  There were quite a few people out jogging and walking, but very few bikes (I think I saw a total or 4 cyclists all day).  I did have a near miss with one lady who had her small dog on one of those long retractable leashes.  Of course, we all hate those leashes because they don't keep the dog next to the owner on a multi-use trail.  I nearly hit the dog who came after me and it was either hit the dog, or pull off in the snow.  I pulled off in the snow and managed to stay upright.  I had called out far in advance to the woman, but she made no attempt to "retract" the leash and get the dog close to her.  I gave her a stare, but managed to not voice an opinion as I knew I would have blurted out something unkind.

I rode down to Summerset and saw across the road that the trail had not been plowed.  Just as I thought - a trip to Carlisle was not in the cards.  An older picture depicting what it sort of looked like yesterday (only difference being the sun was in full shine yesterday, not a grey day like this picture was)...


So, I turned around and did the 20 minute climb back up to Indianola.  I was on the road bike and covering ground quite quickly in Zone 2/3.  Once in town, I rode the trail out to the softball fields as it had been plowed as well and this extension has some good hills on it which were perfect for my workout.  I turned around at the end of that trail and headed back to Summerset road.  Turned around again and rode back to Indianola.

I headed over to Simpson and filled up my water bottle in the music building as I was out of water.  I hopped back on the bike and rode back to Summerset for my 3rd trip, turned around and about 1/2 back to Indianola (2 1/2 hours at this point), I felt everything start to shut down.  I had not been drinking enough water and wasn't taking any fuel in on this ride.  I should have used some endurolytes and a protein mix, or some gels - but I didn't plan very well.  So I sort of backed it off into survival mode for the final 1/2 hour ride home.

I hopped on the scale after the ride to confirm my suspicion that I had lost a lot of fluid due to the winter gear increasing my sweating rate.  Sure enough, instead of my normal 2 pound water loss, I had lost a bit more than 4 pounds with the effort and not taking in enough fluids on the ride.  Needless to say, I've been here before and felt it.  I started hydrating and continued that for the rest of the day.   Weekend Warrior rides were in the bag and I move into a recovery period which will be extended due my trip to Germany.  I will do Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's workouts and then be off the bike for 10 days where I will be walking, stretching and maybe getting a few recovery spins in at the hotel (if they have a bike).

Back to the birds...

I took the birds off at 4 1/2 hours as they were perfect.  I took a shower, fed the dogs and cleaned up the kitchen.  Tara and Alexa arrived and the cooking feast began.  Tara made a pizza with mango, smoked chicken, basil, home made cream sauce, goat cheese and spices.  I took the meat off the bones and WOW!!!  Total success was achieved as the birds were super moist inside and out.  We did all of this as we watched the Red Carpet pre-Awards show.  Once the pizza was out, we settled down to watch the Academy Awards which we really enjoyed. 

As far as weekends go, this one was busy, satisfying and enjoyable.  I thought I would get started on 2012 taxes, but no such luck.  That will start soon....

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