Superbowl hangover....

From the food - not the beer!!!  And from the BRR ride on Saturday which hit will full effect when I woke up on Sunday.  Oy!  A nice reminder - in terms of the ride - of the required need for recovery at my age.  It's getting not as easy to bounce back.

I don't think there is anything I did not eat that was put on the table at the Superbowl Party I went to with Tara last night.  Gumbo?  Ate it.  Chili?  Ate it.  Crab?  Ate it.  Chips?  Ate them.  Dips?  Ate them.  Cookies?  Ate them.  Cake balls?  Ate them.  Crackers?  Ate them.  Wings?  Ate them.  Brownies?  Ate one.  Plus a few other things that were on the table.

In other words, even with my lighter breakfast and lunch to save up some caloric room for the party - I over-extended my caloric needs.  Big time!!  I'm going to blame it on the 34 minute power outage at the game.  We were all glued to our seats watching the game and had finished eating for the most part.  That break in the action got us up out of our seats and wandering over to the buffet to munch and visit.  That's when I hit the salty stuff and dips.  And the cake balls.

Great game to watch and just what you want - a final drive to win or lose the game.  You couldn't have scripted it any better.  Too bad the 49"ers couldn't score on that final drive as I was rooting for them.  Oh well, the 10 of us at the party (5 couples) had a fun time watching the game, the commercials, eating, drinking and yelling.  I even brought home some leftovers I was so munchie hungry.

I took yesterday and am taking today totally off the bike and exercise (outside of the dog walks) to recover from the BRR ride grind against the wind and allow my body to be ready to go for Tuesday's start of Base 3.  I'll be doing two Base 3 phases this year (I'll call the second one Base 4 just for the sake of keeping it straight) and things get a bit dialed up in Base 3 as hours increase which I hope will quickly allow me to burn off the Superbowl weight gain.

Time for the morning dog walk.  The weather looks like this week will be the big melt off of last week's snow, so it is about to get sloppy outside.

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