Sober, or at least sobering...

The BRR ride drained me enough to require a full 2 days of recovery.  And due to the excess of food consumption on Superbowl Sunday, I was ready for a sobering cleanse.

So...I turned the screws.

Monday - no exercise.  No alcohol.  Minimal caloric intake.

Tuesday - 75 minutes of steady state Zone 2.  No alcohol.   Huge veggies for lunch, salad with grilled chicken breast and lots of veggies for dinner.  Stretch and on the foam roller after dinner.

Wednesday - today calls for a 30 minute recovery ride this morning before work, and weights tonight after work.  No alcohol.  Light caloric consumption with some protein for dinner after the weights.

The digital scale in the bathroom sobered me right up and said it was time to take charge to meet my goals.  So far, so good and I hope by week's end I have returned to a cleansed equillibrium thanks to cutting calories.  Alcohol has way too many calories, so it was first to go.  And I am feeling energetic and good - so who needs it?

Another sobering thought!!!   Say it isn't so?  Our beloved Bike Iowa unique cycling kits are being replaced?  What!!!!!????

jersey revision for team


Primal likes our kit so much, they are offering it in their retail line this year (minus the BikeIowa.com logo stuff).  We just got them delivered in like May of 2012, and the BikeIowa.com Team leaders have decided it's time for a new design already.  Hmmmm....this is getting expensive.

The previous BikeIowa.com kits lasted at least 2 seasons before we changed.  We've had this one for only 10 months and now another new kit is coming?  Sobering!!

I haven't seen the new design yet.  Oh well, in the meantime I can still continue to wear my older kits...

Now, on to finish a project for work that is in dire need of getting done before Friday.  Sobering for sure that I have put it off for so long, although I do have all of the data collected.  I just need to cut it down into a short presentation.

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