Now we have snow!!!

Sure - close school last week when there was no snow.  Today, we have tons of snow and school (Simpson) was open for business even though driving in it was much more precarious than the storm last week that didn't hit until after school was closed. 


Heavy, wet snow today - and lots of it.  I've shoveled and cleared the driveway and walks 3 times so far and it all needs to be done again as it is still coming down.  Looks like we are around 6 inches+ of accumulation at the moment heading into the night.   This is wet, snow man making snow.  Talk about a good core workout to shovel the stuff!!!

Indianola schools were let out at 10:30 am, but Simpson forged ahead which was fine with me once I got there.   The city of Indianola had not plowed the streets in my neighborhood when I left for work at 10:20.  It was not easy going up the steep hills in my neighborhood unless one had 4 wheel drive.  I made it to work and slogged through the day until 6 p.m. with a huge "to do list" that I barely attacked.   I stopped at Wal-mart after work to get a care package to take to Germany on Thursday. Then I stopped to get 2 gallons of gas for the snow blower so I could clear things once again on Wednesday morning.  Tara made a wonderful lasagna with ground turkey and Graziano's sausage which hit the spot.

It's official.  I caught the first bug I've had in about 18 months.  A slight post-nasal drip and slight sore throat which I have been managing today with some Mucinex Cold, Flu and Sore Throat elixir.  Thus far, it's a pretty mild illness which didn't even bother my singing yesterday or today, but it does bother me at night with all the phlegm.  I did 30 minutes of L2 this morning, shoveled 3 times, did lower body weights (squats, dead lifts, leg extensions, hamstring curls) before diving into the lasagna, bread and wine.

I attacked the "to do list" after dinner and got about 1/2 way through it.  I will tackle the rest tomorrow which also includes packing.  10 day forecast in Stuttgart is 41 to 52, so I will pack appropriately.  I'll bring rain gear, walking shoes, hat, gloves and what not.

My memory is terrible.  I couldn't find my cell phone today and figured it must have fallen out of my coat pocket last night at rehearsal in Des Moines.  I stewed about it all day at work and hated having to go through the process of getting a new one.  I had Tara call my phone after I got home from work to see if I could find it in the house or out in the snow.  Low and behold, it was in a pocked of a jacket I swear I did not wear to rehearsal last night.  Go figure!  I can't even remember what jacket I wore less than 24 hours ago....

Zack's 20th birthday is Thursday - the same day I leave for Germany.  We have his present which should arrive on Thursday itself via FedEx.  We'll be making a nice cheesecake for him tomorrow and he should arrive home from his trip to Colorado with the Simpson Madrigals and Chamber Singers around 8 p.m.  if all goes right.  However, they are driving through Kansas and the areas that got hit with several feet of snow the last week - so who knows when they will actually arrive.

I am knee deep at work advising students for fall semester classes.  Oy!  One more day and then I am hopping on a jet plane or two to go speak another language and maybe even enjoy a real beer or two in der Vaterland...

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