HTFU Iowa!!!!

It's winter.  Get over it!!!!!

The pussification of America continues.  Schools were shut down today a bit after lunch and things got out early, closed, shut the doors, etc... all because a little snow storm was blowing in from the southwest.  Please!  I've lived here 10 years now and remember storms that have dumped 1, 2 and even nearly 3 feet of snow.  Nothing closed for those storms before the snow even arrived.

The media blitz about storms is getting out of hand.  Or at least I think they are.  Talk about lemmings going over the cliff this time around.  Pussies!!!  There.  I've said it.  America needs to HTFU!!!  Snow, storms, etc... happen.  We've survived up to this point without running for cover before the snow even arrives all these centuries.  Why are we running for cover now?

Simpson closed at 3 pm even though it was barely starting to snow.  I told all of my students to forget about it, I was teaching my normal lesson schedule until 5 pm when the day ended for me on my normal schedule.  I did so, and then drove home in light snow that barely was 1/2" to 1" on the ground.  Why all the concern to close things down so early in the day?  Please.  Overcautious?  Wanting an excuse to not work?  What's up with our society concerning all this fascination and technology of predicting winter weather?  Everyone is now going to just run for the hills every time it snows a few inches!!!  The streets were salted, sprayed and prepped hours before anything happened?  What's next?  We'll be shoveling snow out of the air before it hits the ground?.....

PLEASE!!!!  All this for 5" of snow????!!!!


Okay.  Enough of that.  I made beef stew this morning and put it in the crock pot to cook all day.  It was ready for dinner in a major a la New Orleans style thanks to a recipe from Emeril Lagasse.  The recipe is here.  It was very nice and spicy!!!  And major Yum.


Yesterday was a 45 minute recovery in the morning and a weight session in the evening of power cleans, pushpress barbells, glute bridges, box blasts, and core work.  Form and technique are "awkward" for me on some of those, but what a great workout.  It took a full hour to complete everything and most of the exercises/lifts are things I have never done before in my life.  Score for working new things.

Today was a Level 4 Power Zone workout day.  1:15 on the bike (indoor trainer that is) with a good warm-up and then 4 x 8 minutes in Zone 4 with a 2 minute rest between in Zone 1 Power.  I knocked out 3 at 240-245 watts and 1 at 260 watts before cooling down for 15 minutes and hitting the shower.  My heart rate averaged 155 and eventually topped out at 164 during all of that, so I felt pretty good about completing what was on the menu for torture today.  32 minutes of Zone 4 work in February is good.  I did drop about 2.x pounds during the workout from the sweat, but that is about right for me if I look at a 75 mintue race in the summer heat.


Our Music Weekend for prospective students at Simpson is tomorrow and Saturday, but the weather and all the closings may put a damper on attendance (unfortunately).  We had a record number of students signed up to attend and audition before the little snow rolled in....

Hopefully, streets and roads will be plowed by early morning and we can continue as planned.  I am singing a duet with my colleague Virginia Croskery from The Phantom of the Opera on the Friday evening concert.  We didn't get a chance to rehearse it today with the school closing at 3 and our accompanist heading home to Des Moines, but we'll be fine as we've done it before.

Tomorrow is 30 minutes recovery on the bike in the a.m. and 30 mintues of core work in the evening.  I should be able to get that done according to plan in spite of the evening 7:30 pm concert.


Iowagriz said...

Agree completely on the snow comment, my personal conspiracy theory is that the Gov't, Media, schools and businesses are so worried about getting sued when they don't take a threat seriously that they take the cautious way out each time. I blame it on our litigious society and the lawyers looking to make the buck.

Bruce Brown said...

Yes, I guess the fear of litigation has reshaped how we are going to think about and handle incoming storms from now on. Maybe we should send everybody skiing so that they would be jumping for joy and out on the slopes in that kind of weather to enjoy the perfect snow that fell. Oh well, I'm happy I got my full day of work in and don't have to make-up anything.