We ended up with around 10" of snow in Indianola from this little storm that originally was forecast to sprinkle us with an inch or two.  The ten inches resulted in 2 days of public schools being closed (not Simpson though as we powered through it all) and hopefully added plenty of moisture now for a good start to the spring - which is coming up soon.

I'm flying to Stuttgart today and will hop on the S2 Bahn at the airport to head east and stay in this little "village" (40K residents) outside of Stuttgart...


Looks like the forecast for the next week (I land on Friday) is for mid 40's to the low 50's - so I am packing for that scenario (going with layers, rather than bringing my huge winter coat).

Stuttgart Weather

I'll be doing a little traveling within Germany for work while I am there.  I'm bringing my rain gear as well to be prepared along with my best walking shoes.

Luckily, Zack arrived home last night 2 hours earlier than previously scheduled due to their final concert in Kansas being canceled on account of a snow.  That allowed us to have a birthday dinner and cake last night even though his birthday is today.

Who knows what kind of internet access I will have (my guess is sporadic at best) on the trip, so I may post up some pictures and updates of what I am doing over there, or it may all have to wait until I get back in March.

Auf Wiedersehen.....

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