FTP take 2....NO FLOP this time!!!!

Due to last Sunday's FTP Flop because I was fighting a little something-something along with a massive headache, body ache, muscle tenderness and what not - I had to run it again.  For my own sake and peace of mind.

I was feeling a lot better on Saturday due to whatever it was I was fighting the prior weekend having gone away.  Thursday's workout in Zone 4 confirmed I really needed to do this test again on the weekend because I was creating a lot more power with no struggle.  And, I needed more accurate results from an FTP test to set the next 6 weeks of training.  I tinkered with the set up on the LeMond bike with a much better fit (got the seat angle/tilt/distance dialed in right).  This allowed me to physically and mentally stay "fresher" on that contraption.  Two floor fans going at full blast to help keep me cool.

Now a bit of reality check related to this silly blog.   Here's an important opening paragraph of my first post on this blog back in 2007 worth repeating again today...

I admit that I have been meaning to kick start this little blog for quite some time to use as an online journal where I can keep track of the insanity I find myself involved in for exercise, physical torture and cycling. I'm not sure if I really have any grand lofty goals for the blog or even an inkling of an idea where it might actually lead, but "it is what it is" for now.

Score one for my online journal since my memory is not so grand.  I checked back with my power numbers of previous years during FTP work, MSP intervals and what not.  And yes, everything was confirmed that last Sunday's FTP numbers were not the best to use for setting my training sessions for the next 6 weeks.  I feared that I would not be getting the training stress I needed if I based the next 6 weeks on last weekend's FTP test.  Of course age is a factor in my 2013 numbers compared to 2007, but not that much.  After all, it's only been 5-7 years - all of which have included full years of training and riding.  Sure, a little bit of drop off, but not massive like I saw last weekend.

Okay.  Enough of that.  Test #2....

Well - the FTP take 2 test confirmed I was certainly too ill to have done it last week.  In spite of the test being in my training schedule last weekend, I should have listened to by body last week and skipped it until I felt better.  Luckily, whatever it was did not result in a cold or flu and for that I am thankful.  Yesterday I felt totally back to normal and my numbers jumped 30+ watts for average power and threshold power to match previous years FTP tests (thanks online journal).  Sure, it was still as painful and taxing as such a test can be and my tongue was hanging out with the drool dripping down on my chest as I grunted it out.  It's a killer of a test on the LeMond recumbent trainer because I can not stand up and hammer for bits of rest or change of position on the bike like I can on the other trainer.  C'est la vie.  It's got the computer that provides me with the average power data for the 20 minutes so I have to use it.  I was able to push even harder during the final 3 minutes at the end of the test this morning giving me a much more accurate reading.  Still not stellar results for a big guy like me, but good enough to at least help set my training for the next 6 weeks of base which will then lead me right into a good build phase after that.

FTP Test 2:16

I know that I've got plenty of MSP intervals coming up in various durations 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 minutes, etc... that target the 265 - 285+ power range.  I actually did not hit that kind of work on the trainer like I should have last year thanks to lovely weather and riding outside without a computer, so using my online journal and going back to what I know worked in some prior years is actually welcome at this point.  Whether it enhances my racing this year (that's the hope) remains to be seen.  

I recovered from the FTP effort and subsequent cool down (total bike time of 90 mintues), made some lunch, did some chores and then got showered and dressed in my tails for the Des Moines Vocal Academy Arts Cabaret evening in Des Moines.  I sang Some Enchanted Evening and Tara sang If I Loved You. Then we paired up for All I Ask of You.  That all went well and it was a really fun evening and excellent fund raising event.  Kudos to my colleague Tim McMillin for organizing it all.  We had a blast.  After it was over, we headed over to Centro for dinner after that around 10 pm with Jamie and Laurie Poulsen.  Good food and fellowship was had by all before we headed home to retire.

Today promises to be upper 40's to around 50 with full sunshine.  So it looks like a 3 - 4 hour outdoor ride on the roadbike to target Zone 2 and even 30 minutes of Zone 3 thrown in there as well.  Currently there is no wind, but it's only 27 degrees at 9:30 am.  I will wait until that temperature starts to rise....

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