Friday Fun!!!

Yes, I was harsh yesterday chastising central Iowa for shutting down on Thursday before the first snowflake had actually fallen.  I've never seen that before in all the prior 10 years of snowstorms here in Iowa.  Thursday's storm turned out to be a lot tamer than everyone thought it was going to be and things were back to normal today with sunshine, and normality.  In fact, it turned into a very fun Friday!!!

I got up and put the shovel and snowblower to work so Tara could get to work and the kids could get to school.  Oh, and I guess I forgot about me.  I had to get to work as well.  :-)

Max and Zoey played in the snow while I shoveled and they love to run in front of the snow blower to get covered in snow.   All of that had Zoey pooped and she took a picture in a state of repose after I was finished moving the snow off the driveway and walks....

Max & Zoey after shoveling

The sun melted all the rest off and the sidewalks, driveways and streets were dry a few hours later as the sun went to work.  I substituted the 50 mintues of shoveling for my core workout and took the dogs on a walk with me while riding the singlespeed for 20 minutes.   I figure those 2 activities covered my 30 minute recovery spin and 30 minute core work/stretching that was scheduled for today's workouts.  Shoveling is a really good workout and I was perspiring heavily by the end of the 50 minutes.

I sang tonight at the Music Weekend Student/Faculty Concert for our prospective students and their families.  We have a record number auditioning Friday and Saturday - but the weather did alter 2/3rd's of those that were supposed to come on Friday.  Luckily, most that missed Friday are coming tomorrow now that the roads are clear and everything is shoveled out from the "storm".  As far as "storms" go, it was the weakest one of the 2012/13 winter season to date.  Certainly not worthy of shutting everything down.

Zack heads to Colorado tomorrow with the Madrigal Singers and Chamber Singers from Simpson.  I'll be in auditions all day and then hit the trainer around 5 pm before dinner.

All the best to all those doing CIRRUM tomorrow!!  If I didn't have the auditions tomorrow, I would have signed up to ride CIRRUM.   Weather and conditions look to be perfect.  Have fun.

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