FAT Tuesday....!!!

Mardis Gras wraps up today with the traditional Fat Tuesday where you eat richer and fatty foods for your last meal before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  Tara has put me in charge of cooking the meal tonight so I will be contemplating what to cook.


And Pope Benedict resigns!  Say what?  Talk about making history as a Pope!!!

Pope Resigns Science Continues

I will always remember the day we were at the Vatican in May of 2011 to receive the Papal Blessing and saw Benedict cruising through the crowd in his Popemobile.  ;-)

And what did the Almighty think of the announcement?


Hmmm........what are the odds of that?  The Pope resigns and a few hours later the Vatican is struck by lightening.  Freaky....

My body is fighting tooth and nail as I broke a small fever Sunday night.  Headache continues, but the achy joints are improving.  Nothing has manifested yet in the nose or throat and I made it through rehearsal last night just fine.  My stomach was turning and churning and I was a bit dizzy going to bed last night, but this morning I feel more normal with only a slight headache.  I did get my flu shot this year, but I do wonder what I am fighting at the moment.  It seems to be - at least up to this point - staying under the surface and is still allowing me to function at work, sing, rehearse, exercise, etc.... .  And yet I am not normal...

Sunday was a humbling learning experience with the FTP test, but I managed to bounce back fine and did my squats and deadlifts along with core work - all without any issue Monday morning before work.  I set up a booth at the International Study Fair in the Kent Student Center and manned it along with 2 students from 12:45 - 1:45 yesterday.  We had a few drop by and sign up with early interest for the semester abroad in Germany Spring 2015.  I went back to the office after that and taught lessons until 4:15.  I needed a major cup of coffee around 3 pm to keep afloat with my "bug".  I ran home after work and made a quick vat of chicken lasagna for dinner, then raced up to Des Moines for the evening rehearsal of the Bloch Sacred Service.

Today's workout has me on the bike for an hour with 3 sets of short, full out sprints.  I'm debating if I should do this workout before I go to work, or come home during my lunch hour.  I'll decide in the next 1/2 hour during my morning dog walk (with me on the bike of course) which time slot works best.  I can't do it after work as I am in charge of cooking the meal tonight while Tara is in the basement doing her workout routine.  And Alexa will come home from her track workout screaming if food is not prepared and on the table before 7!!!

Happy Fat Tuesday to all.  Enjoy!

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