Debonair.....or just getting older?

Tara took a shot of me sitting in a very handsome green chair at the Hoyt Sherman Place while waiting to sing Some Enchanted Evening and All I Ask of You on Saturday night at the Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble Cabaret event.


The hair is greyer, the experience deeper, and - well, my old tuxedos still fit after all these decades.

Speaking of staying fit....

After the initial drop from the mid 190's, I seem to be currently "stuck" at 188 pounds.  The weight lifting (which is divided up between 3 days per week) is making me ravenous.  The increased metabolism that goes along with it has my appetite going off the charts.  The weekly training load has increased beyond 10 hours and increases my hunger as well.  Combined forces of satisfying my hunger means my weight is stagnant for the moment.

My goal remains to be at 185 for the first race of the season and then drift down to 180 or sub 180 as the season progresses.  I did that fairly easily in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (other years that included a similar off season training plan like I am doing this year) so am pretty sure if I keep my fingers out of the pie I can do it again.  I'm eating very healthy things, just too much at the moment!!!  After this week, I have one more month of base training before moving into the first build phase.

Once the weight lifting trims back to a single weekly maintenance session and my body "feeds" on the muscular growth as the season progresses. I usually see a drop of 5 or so pounds without changing anything else in my diet and training.  I know that is coming, so if I can trim down to 185 by the start of racing I should be in my target zone.  The problem is that the plates are still being added on the Olympic bar which means muscles are going to grow and gain a bit more weight the next few weeks.  Those prior years of 2008-2010 with a similar lifting program, I began the season at 190 pounds due to the muscular growth.  I think I can fight it and keep my target at 185, but I'll have to lay off the "see it and eat it" current campaign I am on for sure.

Monday was Man Day...

I felt like a grumpy man on Monday.  The effort of Sunday's 3 hour ride caught up to me and Monday was exactly what I needed - a day off the bike.  I managed to pull myself out of the grumps by dinner time.  I can't say I was real fun to be around during the day, but I let all my students now from the outset I was a bit grumpy and made fun of myself.

I did my scheduled weight lifting after the evening rehearsal as I had planned.  This meant, I loaded up the plates and was squatting and deadlifting from 9 - 10 pm along with core work.  I've worked my way beyond my body weight and am in the 200's now.  I managed to skip my afternoon coffee and I had no alcohol in the evening, but in spite of that - the late night lifting session didn't bode well for my sleep pattern.  I sort of tossed and turned and was up bright-eyed around 3 am before managing to fall back asleep and eventually roll out of bed at 8 for the morning dog walk.  Late in the evening is not the most ideal time to lift if it is going to cause a rugged, manly night of sleep.  Next week, I will do the weights in the morning before work which means I will need to do my Sunday ride in the morning so I can recover in time for the Monday morning weight lifting.

Tuesday was sluggish...

All I had to knock out was 60 minutes of Zone 1 and Zone 2 with some short sprints mixed in on Tuesday.  I came home after work and hopped on the trainer.  Legs felt dead and the effort to turn over 142 watts was telling.  But, I knocked it out by varying cadence and working the top end of Zone 1 and the low end of Zone 2 with Tara next to me on the other trainer as we watched the news on the television to keep us entertained.

Did I mention I was ravenous for dinner afterwards?  ;-)  Not to mention, I was sound asleep by 10:00 and didn't move a muscle until Tara's alarm went off at 5:30 this morning.

A short recovery spin of 30-45 this morning before work, then weights (different muscle groups) tonight after work and before dinner this time.  And we are having Schnitzel for dinner which is always a huge treat in our house now that we don't live in Austria where it is on every corner.

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