The Scale of Time...

And the scale of kilograms, pounds, body fat, BMI, etc... .

Tara has not allowed me to get a new scale after our other one gave up the ghost back in 2011.  So last year was all a guessing game for me when it came to my weight (outside of a visit to the doctor where they always weigh you).  As a result, I don't think I ever made it down to my preferred racing weight.  If I had to guess, I raced in the 185 - 189 pound weight last year (based on my doctor visit weigh ins) and general mid-section girth.

Much to my surprise, Tara ran out at the beginning of this year and bought a new humdinger of a scale to put in the bathroom.  Thank goodness for New Years resolutions!!!  Otherwise, we wouldn't have a scale and I would be blind about my weight again this year.  She got one that keeps up to 4 profiles (plug in your age, gender, etc), measures BMI, body fat %, water %, muscle % and is a fun little toy to play with if one takes the time to read the manual.  You can even plug in a goal weight and it will tell you how many calories I need to eat to meet my goal in 12 weeks.  Coolio!  For instance, I set my goal weight at my XC racing weight I prefer (180 lbs) and the scale chirped back at me that I need to eat 2,338 calories a day to achieve a weight of 180 pounds in 12 weeks.  There is a way to program in if you are an athlete and working out quite a few hours a week, but I have yet to program that into my profile.  I should probably do that just for fun to see what daily caloric recommendation it provides me as guidance.

It looks like this...


It's got a cute little brand name:  Health o Meter®

I like having a scale in the house as it is an easy way for me to monitor my weight every day by hopping on the scale in the morning to see what it says.  Then I can make adjustments in my daily intake to maintain my weight or reach a certain level.  According to the Health o Meter®, I lost 2.5 pounds in week one of January, and another 2.4 pounds this past week thanks to my base training/weight training hours I have been doing.  I wouldn't have known that without the scale, so it's nice that we have a tool that can measure things - including time needed to reach the goal!!!

Yesterday was far too cold for me to bundle up and head outside for an endurance ride.  It was 11 degrees and the wind was howling!!  I could barely handle the 20 minute dog walks (one at 8:30 and the other at 4:50 pm).  I could have done a long ride outside, but it would have required some pretty bulky clothing to fight the windchill and it just didn't seem worth it to me.  Riding in the "heat" of the basement is more relative to what I face in XC racing, so the heat won for Sunday's minutes.

Not only the warmth, but having the computer and the data to keep me on task is helpful.  It's very easy to give too little effort out on the bike since I have no power meter or computer to guide me.  The C7i tells me everything and won't let me slack off...


I did 90 minutes on the C7i in the basement while watching the fun game of the Seahawks and the Falcons.  It was an endurance ride with some tempo and sweet spot intervals thrown in for the first 65 minutes, then I dialed it back to a wattage and heart rate in low Zone 2 and the high end of Zone 1 for the remaining 25 minutes to cool down a bit.  Week 2 ended with 8:10 on the bike (week 1 was 7:25).  So far, so good.  I am allowing much more recovery time between weight sessions this year after reading up on how much time it takes to recover for my age and the science behind "less is not less".

Today is my day off the bike and we have rehearsal in Des Moines tonight for the Bloch Sacred Service.  I will keep Monday as a day off - at least through the performance on April 6 - for my weekly training schedule.

Speaking of time......I, along with others, are still in limbo in detailing our season training plans in terms of when and what events one will choose to participate in during 2013.  WORS is the only one of the 4 Midwest XC series that have announced their dates.  Pyscowpath has announced some dates tentatively, but I think they forgot Easter Sunday was March 31 and they have a duo March 30/31 opening race weekend (Jewell and Swanson) which they may have to contend with for participants.  Other dates are pending from them (one of them I cannot do - April 6th - as I have the Bloch Sacred Service performance).  IMBCS says they will have dates at the end of January.  Minnesota just announced they are working on it and should have dates around February 1st.  So, it continues to be a year to wait before plugging in all of the dates and figuring out where the build, taper and peak(s) will be and which events to target.  Not really a problem in terms of current training, but it makes it difficult to plan the rest of spring, summer and fall activities, vacations, etc... with family and friends until all the information is known.  I'm already fast forwarded to 2015 working on dates and scheduling for work.  Ah....time.....

The dog walk will be chilly today as it is only 9 degrees out there with a windchill of 0!!!!!  Time for the full body ski suit, Russian hat, and super warm mittens.

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