Tara turns 55, the weather turns 57, and Lance turns the interview...

Today is Tara's 55th!  Ma Nature has cooperated yet again for the 2nd consecutive Friday to give us upper 50's riding temperatures.  So we have a birthday 2 hour ride planned this afternoon which will be followed by a birthday dinner a la chef BruceI have plenty of preparation work to do for tonight's feast between 2:30 - 3:45 before we head out on the wheels.

Training called for another 2 a day work out yesterday.  70 minutes in Zone 2 (target of 157-160 watts) which I knocked out on my Thursday lunch break while watching the news in the basement.  I showered and went back to work until 6 pm.  The evening called for a hypertrophy leg work session of squats and dead lifts only.  I managed to oompf out all of the repetitions in spite of one scary squat lift where I lost my balance briefly and had to fight from falling into the wall due to stepping on a hand held weight that was positioned too close to me on the floor.   Luckily, it was the lightest weight for the evening (145 lbs.) and I was able to muscle myself back into balance.  I simply leaned too far backwards on the uplift of that squat and stumbled a step or two where my foot stepped on the hand held weight on the floor.  It didn't seem to cost me as I recovered and my squat form stayed intact for the remaining 42 squats.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have adjusted the frequency of my training to account for my age and the reality that it takes nearly a week to recover from working the legs like that.  I feel better this morning after the workout compared to last week's morning after, but I'm still worked - that's for sure!  The few years I followed the Dave Morris plan without the proper recovery - I was drained.  And the results were less than desirable due to the lack of recovery.   We shall see if the modification in frequency is a net-net positive or not going forward. 

Doing it old school....


As promised, I fired up the grill and we had steaks (Tara snagged some nice T-bones on sale), arugula salad, multi-grain baked bread and some pinot noir.  What better way than ingesting a nice steak after tearing down the legs in the basement?

Then we went back down into the basement to catch part one of the Oprah Winfrey interview of Lance Armstrong on OWN.

The emperor has no clothes?


Plenty has been opined about Lance during and after part one of the interview - not to mention the past 20 years - but as a student of history nothing surprises me.  I figured he wasn't going to break down and cry, would remain firmly cemented in his personality, and provide some intriguing moments - all of which were accomplished.  He's not the first to make a move to come clean (riders, team managers, trainers, doctors, etc...) in the sport, but he certainly is the current fascination of those who enjoy and revel in seeing the mighty fall.  There will be more.  If you study the history of the grueling tours such as the Tour de France and the types of enhancements, narcotics, cheating that has plagued that event since its inception - there are a lot more that need to come clean from the past, and current crop involved in the profession.  But, that's only one sport.

As we continue to support the juicing of our livestock on a daily basis with the very things that we are having the athletes confess to having used (in multiple sports) - the level of hypocrisy is about as deep as the manure in the feedlots where the livestock are raised.  We love to see huge birds, big beautiful chunks of meat, etc...in the store.  And we are nailed in the pocketbook for buying organic because it is so expensive (and pathetically small in comparison).  We love our athletes big, strong, powerful, dominating, entertaining, etc......all in the vain of modern day Gladiators.  Yet our culture then enjoys even more seeing these Gladiators beaten down to nothing, torn apart limb by limb, fed to the lions for the way they managed to get so big, strong, powerful, dominating and entertaining.  All the while claiming things like "you see, I told you so", "I knew it all along", "go away and never speak again", "I'm tired of hearing about it" and ad naseum.  Quite a modern day Rome we live in.

What sport have we not seen it in?  Boxing, baseball, swimming, running, cycling, football, basketball, weight lifting, skiing, wrestling, tennis, soccer, and on and on.

Who will be the next Gladiator to garner our Roman citizen delight by watching the rise and subsequent fall?  There will be more.  No doubt about it.  This one is big.   And is being followed by more than the usual attention because of his bigness.

Work.  Play.  Feast.  Birthday.  And then part 2 of the interview for today....

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