Taking advantage of the mid 50's warmth...

I wouldn't say the most ideal way to follow up a weight lifting leg hypertrophy session is to get out the next day on the bike for a 2 hour ride with lots of tempo, but I couldn't pass on the mid 50's warmth on Friday afternoon knowing that Saturday would be back in the 20's.  A wind from the south was blowing nice warm air into our area which accounted for the warmth and pretty much finished off the melt of what was left around for snow from the blizzard.

Actually, my plan was to just ride outside for recovery/aerobic riding - maybe hit the high end of Zone 2 for most of the way.  At least that was my plan...

I finished work about 3:30, raced home and got suited up for my first outdoor training ride of 2013 (the rest have been in the basement).  The roads were wet due to it being foggy and humid all day long after the previous evening's rain.

I hopped on the road bike at 3:51 and departed with the iPod blasting in my ears at full tilt.


In my hurry to get out the door and get the ride in before the sun went down, I left my filled water bottle on the floor next to where I put my shoes on for the ride.  Silly me.  I got on the Summerset Trail and launched myself north with a stiff tail wind.  Even in the big ring and pushing a tiny cog in the rear, I was pretty much in the lower end of Zone 2 with such a stiff wind pushing me.  I knew there would be heck to pay once I turned around and rode back into the wind, but that's what drops are for on the road bike.  Right?

I made the turn and headed south against the wind.  The wind didn't bother me too much, but the fact that the sun was going down so quickly and clouds were moving in to take away my daylight pushed me into tempo pace to make it home before it got dark.  I did my best to keep pace and not push myself over the edge and up into too high of an effort, but I did ride in the sweet spot all the way home which means my legs did not get the recovery they needed from the lifting with the effort I was grinding out against the wind and up the hill.

I rolled in about 10 minutes after it got dark, but was pretty tickled to get in 2 hours outside to break up the monotony of riding on the trainer in the basement.  I was covered in road splatter from the wet roads, crossing the peanut butter gravel roads and all of the sand still out on the streets from the winter street plow/sand/salt crew.  I stripped all the dirty stuff off and threw it in the wash so I wouldn't track anything in the house.  Tara was in the basement on her trainer getting an hour in, so I went down to catch up on our days with her.

Tara cooked up some unbelievable quinoa and made chops with italian red sauce.  At first it sounded like an odd combination, but it went well together.  We watched a couple of movies and hit the hay early.  At least I managed to sneak in another 8 1/2 hours of sleep to help with recovery.

Today, since it is 21 degrees outside, I will do an official recovery ride on the trainer in the basement where I can carefully monitor my watts and heart rate, upper body weights and of course - watch the football playoffs!!!

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