Smoked Duck for New Year's Day!!!

What better way to start out 2013 than to fire up the smoker for some nice comfort food?  That's what I decided to do.  We had a duck and it was too tiny with so little fat to do a meal out of (2.73 pounds) for 5 people, so we decided to smoke it and make smoked duck, mango, basil, cream sauce pizza (for 1 pizza), and a smoked salmon with spinach and cream sauce for another pizza.

I figured since I was going to fire up the Big Green Egg for a smoke....

Smokin' hot at 620 degrees...

....why not do some other meats while I was at it?  So Tara and I drove over to Hy-Vee and got an organic 4 pound chicken, a big hunk of salmon, and a 6 pound brisket.  Talk about an eclectic smoke!!!!

I got the fire going, soaked the apple, cherry and maple chips and set about making 3 different rubs for the various meats.  I made out a chart for each of the meats so I knew how long to cook each one and when to apply the mop on the brisket.

Once the fire was roaring away and the temperature was up around 650 degrees, I put the smoking chips on the fire, placed the indirect heat plate in the Egg, placed two pans of water on the plate, put the grate over it and loaded up the meat on the Egg.  Wow, it all looked and smelled good!!!

Then I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, changed my clothes and headed downstairs for 70 minutes on the C7i.  I threw in eleven 1 minute on, 4 minutes off intervals while watching the movie version of the musical Annie with Tara and Alexa.  After I finished doing that, I mopped the meat, checked everything, got bundled up and took the dogs for a nice long walk in the snow.  Talk about tough going out in the field on a bike!!!  I had to use my 23T granny ring and the the 34T rear cog to power through the snow on my RIP 9 and I felt like I was doing about 270 - 300 watts the entire time.  I was dripping wet with sweat all over again.  The dogs fared much better than I did - that's for sure.  Next time, I think I'll stick to the shoveled areas and not venture out into a snow covered field that is crunchy with a really odd ice mix from the Blizzard we had a couple of weeks ago.

I got back home just in time to take out Daffy from the Egg.

The duck was done smoking in a mere 2 1/2 hours at 225.  As I said, this was a very small duck with hardly any fat on it...


Tara wanted me to get a profile shot because she thought Daffy Duck looked like a little person...


As you can see, I smoked the neck as well so the dogs could have a treat.  I let the bird cool for about 30 minutes before taking the meat off and cutting it up into pizza size pieces.  Tara goofing off while it cooled...


The chicken was done smoking at the 4 hour point.  I let it cool for over an hour and gave Alexa and Lisa both a leg from the chicken as an appetizer to our New Year's Day meal.  It was pull off the bone incredible.  The taste and smoke ring were perfect on it.   I put it in the fridge for Wednesday's meals.

Our friend Lisa came over and the Prosecco, Limoncello and Raspberries were brought out along with baked Brie and some bread.

Tara made the pizza using mango, basil, cream sauce, goat cheese (she forgot the red pepper we bought) and with the duck, here's what a piece looked like...


Zack, Tara, Alexa, Lisa and myself all agreed it was just about the best tasting pizza we had ever had!!!

Here are the ladies before we dimmed the lights and dug into the pizza....


It was so rich, we decided to skip making the salmon pizza as Tara was also going to make fresh blackberry cobbler for dessert.  I kept mopping the brisket and pulled it off the grill around 10:30 at night, I let it cool until midnight and then put it in the fridge.  I'll do another hour or two in the oven later this afternoon at about 190 - 200 degrees so it will be really broken down and good for dinner tonight.  Oh yes, I'll be making baked fries and some other goodies tonight for our smoked chicken, brisket dinner.  Who knows when we'll eat the salmon?

What a fabulous way to start 2013!!!

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