R&R Week...

Ah yes...the well deserved Rest & Recovery Week is here.

On tap for this week is only 5.5 hours of endurance training with a few speed skills mixed in to recover from the training stress of Base 2 that I just finished.  The BRR ride on Saturday will be part of those 5.5 hours, so I can dial things down with some extra rest days between as my body catches up to the stress it has been forced to endure this past month.

And let me tell you, I felt like this yesterday on my day off...


Throughout January, I slowly built up the weekend duration rides in increments starting with 90 minutes, then 130 minutes, then 140 minutes, and finishing on Sunday with a 150 minute ride (the latter 3 all being outside).  With Thursday being my heavy weight lifting day during the off season, and Friday's ride at Ahquabi with Al - I was physically stressed even though Saturday only called for a 30 minute recovery ride.   I didn't feel like I was totally gassed on Sunday riding out in the rain and slop, but I did keep the cadence and work effort down so that when I arrived home I wouldn't collapse and felt like I had over-extended myself.

I did, however, wake up on Monday feeling the full week of training hours had hit me and the rest day as well as R&R Week was welcomed.  The week of volume and mixed intensities had worked its magic to push me and tax me.  Actually, the entire month which was a bit altered due to fitting in my trip to Germany at the end of February sort of was a taxing training month for an extended Base 2 month.  Following my plan of shooting for 400 Annual Hours and for an older guy (Masters sounds like a more politically correct term than "older rider"), I met my hours for January and am on track. 

Bushed?  Yup.  Whew!  In fact, I skipped my usual after lunch cup of coffee yesterday and nearly fell asleep at rehearsal about 8 pm (after an hour of sitting there and singing).   

I feel a bit better today so will enjoy this week of backing off and riding in the lower zones so my body can catch up with the training and set me up for Base 3 (of 4) starting next week.  Tara caught a cold and I hope to be able to avoid that scenario.  Plenty of students at school are sick and come in and out of my office every day, but so far so good.  I've managed to not have a cold since school started at the end of August.  I know I'm due, but I'll take what I can get on the good health side for as long as I can.  (KNOCK on WOOD!!!)

Avoiding injury by over-training is key.  I know the weights - even with the proper adaptation and build up - has been strenuous on me in spite of the gains I am seeing and feeling.  An interesting thing happened yesterday in my tired physical state while at work.  I was sitting at the piano and working with one of my tenor students.  I normally model high G's, G#'s, A's for them and my voice was feeling low and my body weak to begin with, but I roared off a high A for one of my tenors and felt a muscle in my abdomen pull/tear.  Dang!!!  It's on my lower right side and I seem to recall doing this several years ago, but it shocked me for a few minutes.  It sucks getting older!!!  Most likely it was in a weakened state from the heavy squat and dead lift session this past Thursday or my core workout, but that muscle will have to repair itself this week.  Thanks to 4 Ibuprofen, I was able to make it through the Bloch Sacred Service rehearsal and after I got warmed up and going, felt I was actually singing better than I had all day.  No high A's in that for me, so my breathing was pretty much okay except I noticed the muscle pain the most on the soft phrases.

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