Maxxis Ikon 2.35 XC Tire!!!

Finally it is official and up on the Maxxis website so I can talk about it.

This is a nice front XC tire that I have been riding all fall and winter on my Niner Jet 9.  It's a prototype Maxxis 29 x 2.35 XC tire.  My prototype is the 120 tpi version eXC/3C, non EXO version.   It is also availabe with the EXO more durable sidewalls for about 75 - 80g more in weight.

Check out the girth! 


I've taken it on gravel, pavement, dirt, snow, ice, sand, leaves, mud, frozen ground, singletrack, doubletrack, and even out on a frozen lake.  It's a keeper for sure.


What does this fat XC boy measure out to be on the Roval trail rim (tubeless)?

Casing width is 57.28mm (that's 2.2551181" for the non-metric Americanos)
Tread width is a nice 58.32mm (that's 2.296063" for the same crowd)

I get very similar measurements with other 2.25 tires I have (Racing Ralph 2.25 and Nobby Nic 2.25).  The Nobby Nic 2.35 jumps about 2mm's wider - at least in casing width.  


The tread width with the side knobs being wider than the casing width makes for a perfect front tire to roll the tire through the corners and get immediate dig from the slightly taller knobs.  Well done!

I guess the "industry standard" measurement when popping a size label on a mountain bike tire is based on the standard of 60 psi and the use of a tube.  I am running my tires tubeless and at a much lower psi (mid 20's) than the industry standard for my measurements.  I personally would call this critter a 2.3 using the tread knob width.  I have not tried it on a Flow rim - only on the Roval carbon trail rim which has a slightly narrower inner rim diameter than a Flow.  Obviously, on even wider rims this tire can be called whatever one wants - a 2.3, a 2.35, etc... .   Who knows what to call it basing the width on "industry standard" of 60 psi and with a tube?  C'est la vie.  I can't imagine that anyone in the year 2013 throughout the globe is running a larger volume mountain bike tire at 60 psi with a tube for off road riding.

How does it ride?

Fast.  Fat.  Confident.  In fact, it really brings the front end of my JET alive.  The knobs are a perfect height for a big front XC tire and it digs in better than my Ralph.  The location of the side lugs give me cornering bite a tad sooner than my Nics do.  This - I like.  

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ScottN said...

Bruce, how does this compare size-wise to a Saguaro 2.2? I'm thinking I'd like the Ikon as a front with the Saguaro rear on my hardtail.